Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria your holiday island

Gran Canaria is your sun holiday on an exotic beach and enjoying some sunbathing. Yet there is much more to discover here, nature, sports or culture, the island has many contrasts. Gran Canaria has 60 kilometers of beaches and a total of 236 km of coastline. The island of fishermen, the small villages, the beautiful nature and the delicious food. Are you curious?

Hotel guests at the swimming pool in Gran Canaria
Photo Verschueren Eddy
Hotel guests at the swimming pool in Gran Canaria
Photo Verschueren Eddy

Gran Canaria on the world map

Gran Canaria belongs to the archipelago of the Canary Islands. The Spanish islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy a subtropical climate. The island is one large theme park with great diversity and therefore also has a microclimate.

The Canary Islands are hotspots for a sun holiday
The Canary Islands are hotspots for a sun holiday

It is one large open-air park with beautiful fauna and flora such as flowers and plants. Some island groups such as the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Azores, Madeira and Ilhas Selvagens carry the label Macaronesia for a total of 27 islands.

Gran Canaria is located 150 km from the coast of Africa. Fuerteventura and Tenerife are close by and can be reached by boat or plane. The Guanches were the first inhabitants. The highest point Pico de las Nieves is located at an altitude of 1949 meters.

The originally volcanic island has a rich nature with a beautiful landscape, forests, valleys and exceptional fauna and flora. Did you know that Gran Canaria has more than 69 large reservoirs? Once again, the interior exudes tranquility, far away from mass tourism.Las Palmas is the capital and has the largest port and busiest airport in Spain.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport
Photo El
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport
Photo El

The first charter flight in 1956 was the start of today’s more than 2 million tourists visiting the island annually. Maspalomas, Meloneras and Playa del Inglés are the most visited beaches on the holiday island. You can download the latest map of Gran Canaria here.

Experience the authentic Canary Island before it’s too late!

Gran Canaria, pearl of the Canary Islands, is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and hospitable people. But did you know that this idyllic island also suffers from the adverse effects of mass tourism?

As in other popular tourist areas, the overwhelming influx of visitors is causing concern among locals. The Canary Islands, with a population of just 2.2 million inhabitants, welcomed no fewer than 13.9 million tourists last year. This has led to rising rents, overcrowded beaches and roads, and environmental pollution.

Local people demand action

In response to this untenable situation, more and more Canarians are taking to the streets to protest the negative impact of mass tourism. They demand concrete measures from the government, such as:

  • Limitation of the number of tourists
  • Introduction of an eco-tax for tourists
  • Regulation of the housing market to discourage foreign buyers

Sustainable tourism for a better future

The Canary Islands want to get rid of mass tourism and focus on sustainable tourism. This means that they want to attract tourists who respect local culture and nature and who make a positive contribution to the local economy.

Discover Gran Canaria in a responsible manner

If you want to visit Gran Canaria, you can do so in a way that is beneficial for both you and the island. Choose local accommodations, eat at local restaurants, buy local products and explore the island’s lesser-known areas. This way you can experience the authentic beauty of Gran Canaria and at the same time contribute to a sustainable future for the island.

GranCanaria #SustainableTourism #DiscoverTheRealCanaryIsland

Explore the island by public transport

Gran Canaria has extensive and modern public transport. Global and Guaguas Municipales transport thousands of tourists and residents to the island every day.

Public transport takes you everywhere on the island of Gran Canaria
Public transport takes you everywhere on the island of Gran Canaria

The modern buses are almost all equipped with air conditioning, which makes traveling pleasant on very hot days. The blue buses of Global take you to every corner of the island, the yellow buses of Guaguas Municipales lead you through the streets of the capital Las Palmas. I have summarized all information about public transport for you here.

Is it always spring in Gran Canaria? 

Gran Canaria can benefit from a subtropical climate. Due to the presence of the trade wind and the Canary Current, the temperature on the island fluctuates around 24°C all year round. The weather on the Canary Islands and therefore also Gran Canaria is ideal for wintering in a winter sun of 20¨C.However, it can also rain on the island. In the summer months of July and August it can be hot again when the wind blows from the Sahara.

Map of Gran Canaria with the various zones

They sometimes call Gran Canaria “a continent in miniature”. The Canary or Spanish island has everything in store to please tourists. Take the abundance of hotels in Gran Canaria, whether all inclusive or not, the apartments, bungalows and all within walking distance of the beaches.

Hotels with breathtaking swimming pools, whirlpool to enjoy a bubble bath with cocktail, fitness accommodation, they have it all.

I almost forgot to say that the beaches of Gran Canaria are known worldwide. Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas, with the lighthouse as a crowd puller, are certainly the main ones. But San Agustin, Puerto Rico, Playa de Amadores and Las Canteras in Las Palmas are also among the most visited beaches by holidaymakers. As a naturist you will certainly get your money’s worth on the various nudist beaches in Gran Canaria. Naturism in Gran Canaria is largely freely permitted.

It’s a party every day in Gran Canaria

Party every day of the year, it’s possible in Gran Canaria. It seems like the people of Gran Canaria party non-stop and never sleep. Every village, town or city has its patron saint or a holy virgin. Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands are strongly Catholic.

The great thing about these festivities is that the residents traditionally participate in the festivities in traditional clothing. Almost every ceremony is preceded by a pilgrimage and ends with a folk festival and a dance evening.

Folkloric dances, disco bar or live music with exciting sultry southern salsa, merengue or bacchata make it unique. As a tourist you should definitely visit a celebration during your holiday. It is also a unique opportunity to taste the traditional cuisine and dishes of the Canary Islands.

Looking for a sporting holiday?

Gran Canaria is also known for its sporting events and championships such as windsurfing in Pozo Izquierdo and golfing on the beautiful green courses, open-air film festivals, music concerts, festive markets, walking tours and international forums and conferences.

If you are a fan of museums or amusement parks, you will certainly not come back from a bare-bones trip. One of the most beautiful parks is Palmitos Park near Mogán. Gran Canaria is alive every day of the year. Are you going to get bored here, I don’t think so.I have listed an overview of the main tourist celebrations and festivals in Gran Canaria for you on the events web page.

Enjoy the sun, even in the winter

During the winter season, there are celebrations everywhere on the holiday island, such as Christmas, New Year and Three Kings Day. Richly decorated streets with solar-powered LED Christmas lights, Christmas trees and sand sculpture. What should certainly not be missing from your agenda is the annual carnival.

Carnival is one of the most important events in Gran Canaria
Carnival is one of the most important events in Gran Canaria

People have been waiting for this great event for a whole year. Floats, Cuban music, colorful costumes, it’s one big party day and night, both in the south and in the north of the island. Every party on the island ends with a beautiful spectacle of fireworks. Some examples are music concerts with La Trova and Los Gofiones. You can experience all this at a pleasant temperature of 20°C. Everything about the events with dates and detailed information can be found on the events page.

The culinary and gastronomic Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is not just sun, sea and beach. The sunny holiday island is certainly not inferior in culinary and gastronomic terms to other countries in the world. Tasty and healthy recipes are on the menu every day. Mutton, fish dishes, the famous goat cheeses and the Papas Arrugadas with the red or green Mojo sauces are just some of the inspiring daily specials of the local cuisine.

Gran Canaria has an extensive range of regional products
Gran Canaria has an extensive range of regional products

Food and drink go perfectly together. Did you know that Gran Canaria produces fantastic wines, or that a spicy Rum is made in the city of Arucas?I would like to invite you on a gastronomic journey through the island of Gran Canaria.

Plenty of shopping fun in combination with your holiday

First and foremost, you come to Gran Canaria for the sun, the sea and the beach. We call that enjoying life. Secondly, you and I come to Gran Canaria to shop cheaply. Gran Canaria is a true shopping paradise. The island has numerous shopping centers and luxurious shops. Shopping favorites are Vecindario, Meloneras and Las Palmas. For a good overview of all shopping options in Las Palmas, I have arranged everything for you in zones. Important shopping zones in the capital are Mesa y López, Triana and Santa Catalina. As icing on the cake, you can view impressive cruise ships at Santa Catalina and the port of Puerto de La Luz.

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Gran Canaria has been our holiday destination for many years. Over the years I have built up a circle of friends with the locals. I would like to share all my holiday experiences with you. I do the translation into German, English and Spanish with the greatest care. My apologies for any translation errors. Unfortunately, having the texts translated by a translation agency is too expensive