Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria your holiday island

Gran Canaria is your summer holiday on an exotic beach and sunbathing. Nevertheless here is much more to explore, nature, sport or culture the island has many contrasts. Are you curious?

Gran Canaria the perfect island for your holidays

Gran Canaria on the world map

Gran Canaria is part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands. The Spanish islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean and can enjoy a subtropical climate and discovery.

Gran Canaria is a hotspot for tourists

Gran Canaria is located 150 km from the coast of Africa. Fuerteventura and Tenerife are nearby and can be reached by boat or plane. The Guanches were the earliest inhabitants. The highest point Pico de las Nieves is located at 1949 meters altitude.

The originally volcanic island has a rich natural environment with a beautiful landscape, forests, valleys and exceptional flora and fauna. Once again, the interior exudes tranquility, far away from the mass tourism.

Las Palmas is the capital and the largest port and busiest airport in Spain. The first charter flight in 1956 was the start of today, more than 2 million tourists who visit the island every year. Maspalomas, Meloneras and Playa del Ingles are the most popular beaches of the holiday island. The latest map of Gran Canaria can be downloaded here.

Airport of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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July and August are the busiest months on the island. August is basically the month that most Spaniards go on holiday. A large part remain in the country and therefore the Canary Islands. The Germans then preferred for the month of July. The British will spread on summer vacation between late July and early September. Dutch people also prefer the month of July just like the Belgians. You should keep in mind that the Canaries have also been many tourists in winter.

Experience the authentic Canary Island before it’s too late!

Gran Canaria, parel van de Canarische Eilanden, staat bekend om haar prachtige stranden, adembenemende landschappen en gastvrije bevolking. Maar wist u dat dit idyllische eiland ook kampt met de nadelige gevolgen van massatoerisme?

As in other popular tourist areas, the overwhelming influx of visitors is causing concern among locals. The Canary Islands, with a population of just 2.2 million inhabitants, welcomed no fewer than 13.9 million tourists last year. This has led to rising rents, overcrowded beaches and roads, and environmental pollution.

Local people are calling for action

In response to this untenable situation, more and more Canarians are taking to the streets to protest the negative impact of mass tourism. They demand concrete measures from the government, such as:

  • Limitation of the number of tourists
  • Introduction of an eco-tax for tourists
  • Regulation of the housing market to discourage foreign buyers

Sustainable tourism for a better future

The Canary Islands want to get rid of mass tourism and focus on sustainable tourism. This means that they want to attract tourists who respect local culture and nature and who make a positive contribution to the local economy.

Discover Gran Canaria in a responsible manner

If you want to visit Gran Canaria, you can do so in a way that is beneficial for both you and the island. Choose local accommodations, eat at local restaurants, buy local products and explore the island’s lesser-known areas. This way you can experience the authentic beauty of Gran Canaria and at the same time contribute to a sustainable future for the island.

The weather in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria can profit from a subtropical climate. The presence of the trade winds and the Canary stream (jet stream) temperature fluctuates on the island throughout the year around 24°C . The weather in the Canary Islands and hence Gran Canaria it is ideal to hibernate in winter of 20°C. However it can also rain on the island. In the summer months of July and August it can be hot again when the wind blows from the Sahara. Read more ….

Gran Canaria zones en gemeenten

Gran Canaria sometimes they call them “a continent in miniature“. The Canarian or Spanish island has everything in store to discovery and make tourists having a good time.

Consider the plethora of hotels in Gran Canaria whether or not all inclusive, apartments, bungalows and all within walking distance of the beach. Hotels with breathtaking pools, whirlpool for enjoying a cocktail with lovely jacuzzi, fitness accommodation, they have it all. And don’t forget the good food of the Canary Islands.

Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras,  Baobab Resort Hotel are the recent examples of majestic hotels an equally beautiful esplanade. Beach hotels yeah, they have a location right on the beach. A good example is Riu Palace Maspalomas built in the dunes. Near the lighthouse and beach of Maspalomas Hotel IFA Faro Maspalomas.

Gran Canaria every day party

Every day of the year party, it can in Gran Canaria. It seems making the inhabitants of Gran Canaria nonstop party and never sleep. Every village, town or city has its Patron Saint or a Holy Virgin. Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands are strongly Catholic. The beauty of these celebrations is that the inhabitants traditionally in take part in traditional costumes in the festivities. Almost every ceremony will be preceded by a pilgrimage and ended with a festival and dance evening.

Folklore and dance on the island Gran Canaria

Folkloric dance, discobar or live music with rousing sultry southern salsa, merengue or bacchata make it unique. As a tourist you should definitely visit during your holiday a celebration. It is also a unique opportunity to taste the traditional cuisine and dishes from the Canary Islands.

What should not be missing in your diary is the annual carnival. An entire yearthe people live up to this great event. Decorated floats, cuban music, colorful costumes, it’s day and night one big party, both in the south and in the north of the island. Each party on the island is closed with a beautiful spectacle of fireworks.

Gran Canaria is also sporting events, open-air film festivals, music concerts, festive markets, hiking and international forums and conferences. Gran Canaria lives every day of the year. Are you going to get bored here, I guess not.

An overview of the main tourist fairs and festivals on Gran Canaria I have put together a list for you on the events web page.

Enjoying the sun, even in winter

Just as in our homeland’m also on Gran Canaria celebrated every year Christmas . Snow or a white Christmas you will not find here. Christmas under the sun with a temperature of 20 degrees or more is no exception. Sunbathing on the beach is quite possible. Swimming in the sea in this winter season slightly less. The sea temperature hovering around 20 degrees which is slightly too cold to swim.

During the winter season there are on the holiday island anywhere celebrations such as Christmas, New Year, Three Kings and Carnival. A few examples are music concerts with La Trova and Los Gofiones.

The annually recurring sand sculpture on the beach of Playa de las Canteras in Las Palmas. In Las Palmas you can enjoy with the family and children of a great end of year funfair, Christmas crafts and artisan markets. Into the new year is certainly not be missed the arrival of the Three Kings. It is one big festival, especially for children.

Solidarity in Gran Canaria get carried high priority. Spain and the Canary Islands are known for its festivals, and believe me, these are more than well enough with Christmas and New Year.

The streets in Las Palmas and other tourist sites in the south of Gran Canaria are richly decorated with Christmas trees, garlands and colorful lights. Many of these Christmas lights is at solar energy. The Christmas program of Gran Canaria can be found on the events page.

Do you have it in the winter sun still not warm enough, then I can certainly recommend you the sensual carnival. In the streets of Las Palmas, Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and many other locations be the streets are flooded daily with carnivals madness. The major attraction is the Grand Carnival parade in the capital Las Palmas. Beautiful floats, scantily clad ladies in unique costumes and rousing music put you in Brazilian spheres. An overview of the carnivals happening can be found on the events page.

The culinary and gastronomic Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is not just sun, sea and sand. The sunny holiday island must culinary and gastronomic certainly not inferior to other countries in the world. Tasty and healthy recipes are on the menu daily. Mutton, seafood, the famous goat cheese and the Papas Arrugadas with the red or green mojo sauces are just some of the inspiring daily specials of local cuisine.

Food and drink go together perfectly. Did you know that Gran Canaria produces great wines, or become a spicy Rum in the city Arucas. I invite you gladly out on a gastronomic journey through the island of Gran Canaria.

Already many years is Gran Canaria our holiday destination. Over the years I have built up a circle of friends with the locals. I like to share my vacation experiences with you. The translation into German, English and Spanish I do this with great care. I apologize for the possible translation errors. Translation of texts by a translation agency is unfortunately too expensive