Public transport in Gran Canaria

Public transport in Gran Canaria

Exploring the island by public transport or taxi from Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles  or any other region is not difficult at all. Today there are only two companies that ensure bus services in Gran Canaria, Global and Guaguas Municipales. These buses run 24/24 to almost all corners of Gran Canaria. Almost all buses are luxuriously equipped and usually have air conditioning which is sometimes necessary with the hot temperatures.

Bus Global on the island of Gran Canaria
Photo Román Valladares
Bus Global on the island of Gran Canaria
Photo Román Valladares

The bus company Global ( blue buses ) will take you anywhere on the island. The bus company Guaguas Municipales ( yellow buses ) operates mainly in the capital Las Palmas.

You can perfectly combine both bus companies for an excursion in Gran Canaria. On this webpage, you will find information about both Global and Guaguas Municipales. On certain web pages, you will always find information on which bus line to take to reach your destination.

Global your public transport in Gran Canaria

Global is the largest Spanish transport company that organizes local public transport by bus in Gran Canaria.

Global is the Spanish transport company on the Canary Islands

Global is also active in Mauritania for public transport. It is a modern and efficient company, which is evident from the high-quality technological buses. Nearly 700 employees provide public transport in the Canary Islands for the 18 million passengers every day.

Pay for the GLOBAL buses

Nothing is free, so you also have to pay for the bus in Gran Canaria.What are the options for traveling by bus in Gran Canaria?

Ticket on the bus. As with me and you, you can ask for a ticket from the bus driver. These tickets do not have any discounts. You just have to tell the bus driver where you want to go. Pay in cash, and preferably with exact money i.e. coins.

A euro note is possible if necessary, but you should be aware that the bus driver does not have much change.

GLOBAL Public Transport Company Gran Canaria
Photo @Alejandro Quevedo
GLOBAL Public Transport Company Gran Canaria
Photo @Alejandro Quevedo

A map from point A to point B. You can purchase this bus pass in advance. The bus card AB is only valid on that route mentioned on the card. With this card, you have a 20% discount on the normal fare. An AB bus card contains 10 bus journeys. Reloading the card can be done at various sales points in Gran Canaria. Check them here.

The TRANSGC SUMA card. Once approved, this card gives you an even better discount than the AB card. I personally find this TRANSGC bus card a good alternative if you opt for a long stay in Gran Canaria. Only drawback is that you have to order this card in advance from Global. The card itself is free, only reloading has to be paid for.

Lines 60 and 66 connect Gran Canaria Airport
with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Maspalomas Lighthouse
Photo Maspalomas Ahora
Lines 60 and 66 connect Gran Canaria Airport
with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Maspalomas Lighthouse
Photo Maspalomas Ahora

recharge of the card must be with a minimum amount of €15. The total discount depending on how much you have recharged can be up to 40 %. For a top-up between 15 € and 59 € ( 20% ), between 60 € and 99 € ( 30% ),  from 100 € ( 40% ). Pensioners and students receive an additional 20% discount. Families with at least 4 children also enjoy an additional discount. Reloading the card can be done in the next outlets.

As already mentioned, you should already order the card in advance. Order your card as soon as possible upon your arrival in Gran Canaria. After about 10 days you will be able to collect your SUMA card at the San Telmo ( Las Palmas ), Tropical or Maspalomas bus station, depending on where you ordered it. The card is personal, so be sure to add a passport photo and your identity card number.


It is very important that you scan the SUMA card at the card reader when boarding the bus. It is equally important that you scan the TRANSGC card again when getting off at your bus stop. By scanning when boarding and disembarking, the correct amount will be deducted. If you do not have enough credit on your bus card, this will be deducted from your next top-up.

The bus company GLOBAL has made it a lot easier for tourists today by hanging information signs at every bus stop in the main seaside resorts. These signs show you the destination and what it will cost you. You can consult the departure times at the bottom of the information board.

An excursion around the island by public transport

Take a trip through the capital Las Palmas on your own initiative, then use the yellow city buses “Guaguas Municipales“. Please note, tickets from “Global” are not valid on Guaguas Municipales. All info on this can be found on the website. This information is only in English and Spanish, though.

Global Las Palmas - Special return fare

For a excursion to the capital Las Palmas, though you can use the GLOBAL blue buses and the MULTI PASS. No 30, 50 and No 05 run direct or as semi-direct round trips to San Telmo ( Las Palmas ) or Santa Catalina ( Las Palmas ). You can buy a ticket with a 15% discount at the Maspalomas and Tropical bus stations, only in the morning and not on the bus.

Please note that the discount is only valid there and back. If you have purchased a ticket for Santa Catalina, you must also take the bus back in Santa Catalina. For example, if you take the bus back to San Telmo, you will have to pay extra. This tip is also valid for a San Telmo ticket.

A city trip by bus is possible with the special City Sightseeing Las Palmas bus. This trip takes about 90 minutes. An excursion on the island is also organised by private companies. You can book these excursions through your tour operator or hotel reception.

For your information, you can download the main timetables of regular bus services in Gran Canaria.

“Ida” = Heen (one way)
“Vuelta” = Back (one way)
“Ida y Vuelta” = Back and Back

At the bottom you can download an overview of all available bus services including stops, and a map of Gran Canaria. I would like to warn that timetables can be adjusted depending on the season. As far as the timetables are concerned, you really shouldn’t take them so seriously. these are not always respected, this may be due to crowds or other problems.

All bus services – download
Map Gran Canaria – download
Bus services from the airport – download

With the Global bus to and from the airport

The bus stops at the airport have been moved since November 2014. These are now located closer to the airport building near the GC-1 highway.

Blauwe bussen van openbare vervoersmaatschappij GLOBAL op Gran Canaria
Blue buses of public transport company GLOBAL in Gran Canaria
Photo Global

Line 01 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Puerto de Mogan (3)
Line 05 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Bahia Feliz (3) – Maspalomas (4)
Line 11 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Aguimes (3)
Line 36 – Telde (1) – Carrizal (2) – Airport (3) – Maspalomas (4)
Line 60 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2)
Line 66 – Airport (1) – Bahia Feliz (2) – Playa del Ingles (3) – Maspalomas Lighthouse (4)
Line 90 – Telde (1) – Airport (2) – Bahia Feliz (3) – Arguineguin (4) – Playa del Ingles (5) – Maspalomas (6)
This bus visits almost all important stops towards the south of the island. A stop at Las Palmas airport is also provided here. If you want to go shopping in Vecindario from the south, this is also possible. There is a stop at the Atlántico shopping center.

Pay close attention to this when you head back south. The bus stops at the same stop both there and back. So you have to be careful that you don’t take the wrong direction. Always ask the driver or the local residents at the stop.
Line 91 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Arguineguin (3) – Playa del Cura / Patalavaca (4) – Puerto Rico (5)

Are you minder disabled contact or consult bus company Global first for information +34 928 252630

Guaguas Municipales in Las Palmas

The bus company Guaguas Municipales provides public transport in the capital Las Palmas. An extensive network of 40 bus lines, including 3 lines at night, is carefully organized and operated every day with 242 modern buses.

De Stedelijke Busmaatschappij (Guaguas) voltooit het 
toegankelijkheidsproces van haar gehele wagenpark op Gran Canaria
Urban Bus Company (Guaguas) completes the
accessibility process of its entire fleet in Gran Canaria
Openbaar vervoer - Guaguas Municipales - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Guaguas Municipales is available 365 days and 24 hours a day to transport you in the capital Las Palmas. With 30 million customers per year, you can call Guaguas Municipales an effective and efficient public service. New technologies, such as smartphone applications, simplify use for the customer so that you are always informed in real time.

GuaguasLPA – Android – IOS
Guagua BusAndroid
LPA MovilidadAndroidIOS.

The Guaguas Municipales network is divided into colours. These colours indicate the frequency of the buses. Red ones, such as bus nr 01 and nr 12, are high frequency buses and depart from the port of Las Palmas. The dark blue numbers L1, L2 and L3 are buses that run only at night ( lineas luna ) from 22.45 to 05.30.

Pay for the bus from Guaguas Municipales

Pay directly to the driver on the bus. When boarding, ask the bus driver for a ticket. You pay in cash with coins or a euro note of maximum €10. Pay as much as possible with exact money. The fare is €1.40 (one way and for 1 person)

Bono-2 is a journey card with which you can make two journeys. You may transfer once to another bus with a different destination. You must purchase this card in advance in local shops or bus stations such as San Telmo or Santa Catalina. The card costs €2.40 (2 bus rides)

Transporte Público - Bono Guagua sin Contacto - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Bono Guagua sin Contacto ( yellow electronic card ( recommended ) ) is a journey card that allows you to make 10 journeys. You may use all bus lines of Guaguas Municipales  You must purchase the card in advance at local shops or bus stations.

You can also recharge the Bono Guagua sin Contacto through a network of terminals 24/24. Recharging can then be done using a bank card or credit card. Guaguas Municipales is greatly expanding its sales network in Las Palmas. You can already find pay terminals at Teatro Pérez Galdós, Hoya de la Plata, Parque de Santa Catalina, San Telmo ( Bus station ), Obelisco, Felo Monzón (Hipercor) y Mesa y López (Radio Ecca)

The card costs €8.50 (10 bus rides). You can top up this card for a minimum of €8.50 and a maximum of €50. There is a one-off contribution of €1.50 per card. You must scan this card at a card reader when boarding until you see the green color.

Bono-Bus ( blue card ) is a journey card that allows you to make 10 bus journeys. You may use all lines of Guaguas Municipales. You must purchase the card in advance in local shops or bus stations. The card costs €8.50 (10 rides). You cannot top up this card.

You can purchase or reload the cards at shops, bus stations, bazars and the yellow reloading machines. Some official offices are :
Parque de Santa Catalina – 07.45 tot 19.45 uur ( kaart )
Teatro – 07:30 to 20:00 ( card )
Obelisco – 7.30am to 2.30pm. Also open the first and last week of the month from 3.30pm to 8pm. ( map )
Estación de Guaguas de San Telmo – 07:00 to 19:00. Saturday and public holidays 08:00 to 13:00. ( map )
Intercambior Modal de Santa Catalina – 07:00 to 14:00. Saturday and holidays 08.00 to 13.00. ( map )
Other addresses for buying bus tickets can be found here. You can search here according to where you are in Las Palmas, 7 Palmas, Vecindario or Jinamar.

Distances to main beach destinations

The listed distances to the most touristic areas in Gran Canaria from Las Palmas Airport
Playa del Inglés – 31 km
Maspalomas and Meloneras – 34 km
Playa de Amadores – 53 km
Playa Taurito – 59 km

A taxi in Gran Canaria is an affordable alternative

Finding taxis is not that difficult at all. They drive around all the time, you just have to raise your hand and there is your taxi. The official taxi services of the island of Gran Canaria are always equipped with a meter that indicates the amount during the ride.


The indicated rates are per taxi and per route, according to the official rates approved by the government of the Canary Islands. Please note, if necessary, ask for a price to your final destination before boarding. Many of the most important routes are listed on information boards at the taxi stands, including what you will have to pay. Please note, these prices are approximate.

As long as you stay within a certain zone, such as from Playa del Ingles to Maspalomas/Meloneras, you pay +/- 4 to 5 €. During night hours you pay a little more. For example, from Las Palmas airport to Maspalomas there are 2 zones, which can be more expensive.

You can immediately recognize a taxi from another zone by a different color. Feel free to have a chat with the taxi drivers, that can sometimes be an experience in itself.

Download here more info on taxi to and from the airport. ( Spanish )
Download here more info on taxi in the south of the island. ( german, english and spanish )

What can I take with me on the bus?

In principle, you can take almost anything on the bus on public transport in Gran Canaria. suitcases, backpacks, beach utensils, surfboards, etc. The condition is that you do not disturb other travelers on the bus. If necessary, the driver will kindly ask you to place the material at the bottom of the luggage compartment of the bus.

All objects must also be sufficiently protected so as not to injure other persons. A folding bicycle is allowed inside the bus provided you have already folded it. You must take the designated seat in the middle of the bus. You are responsible if someone is injured as a result.

Small dogs, assistance dogs and guide dogs and other pets are allowed on the Global bus. Persons with disabilities and traveling in a wheelchair must sit on the bus in the opposite direction of travel. The provided seat belt must be used. It is better to inform the driver of the bus that you are with a wheelchair patient. The driver will then do what is necessary to help you.

A buggy for children is allowed on the bus if necessary. The child must then be secured in the buggy with a belt. It is better to place the buggy in the luggage compartment and place the child on your lap. Places for child seats are provided on some buses. You must therefore secure this in accordance with the safety rules