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Medical Care in Gran Canaria: What You Need to Know

Medical Care can be essential during your holiday in Gran Canaria. It is important to know that Gran Canaria offers comprehensive and accessible healthcare for tourists and residents.

What you need to know about Medical Care in Gran Canaria
What you need to know about Medical Care in Gran Canaria

Accessible Healthcare

Gran Canaria has numerous GP surgeries and clinics spread across the island. Whether you stay in the capital Las Palmas or in one of the popular tourist areas such as Maspalomas or Puerto de Mogán, you can always count on quality medical care.

Hygiene and Health

When traveling to other cultures, hygiene standards may differ from what you are used to. Although Gran Canaria is known for its high hygienic standards, it can still happen that you become ill. Fortunately, there are sufficient medical facilities available to help you quickly and efficiently.

Where Can I Find Medical Help?

  • House doctors’ surgeries: For non-urgent medical problems, visit one of the island’s many GP surgeries.
  • Clinics: For more specialised care, there are several clinics with English-speaking doctors and staff.
  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies are everywhere and often offer advice and treatments for minor health problems.

Tips for your Medical Health during the Holidays

  • Insurance: Make sure you have good travel insurance that covers medical expenses.
  • First aid kit: Bring a basic first-aid kit with essential medicines.
  • Contact numbers: Note the contact numbers of local medical facilities and your insurance company.

With this information, you can enjoy your stay in Gran Canaria with peace of mind, knowing that you have access to excellent medical care if necessary. Read more below the photo

Enjoy a Carefree Holiday in Gran Canaria

During your holiday in Gran Canaria you may come across illnesses, including tropical diseases. Fortunately, hygienic conditions in the Canary Islands, including Gran Canaria, are excellent. With some caution you can avoid many problems.

Health Tips for Your Vacation

  • Drinking water: Although tap water in Gran Canaria is generally safe to drink, it is recommended to use bottled water, especially for brushing your teeth and drinking, to avoid intestinal problems.
  • Sun protection: The sun in Gran Canaria is very strong. Always use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • Eating and Drinking: Eating out in local bars and restaurants is safe thanks to strict food safety controls in Spain.
  • Swimming in the Sea: Respect the swimming rules and be careful.
  • Safe Sex: Be careful when having sexual intercourse with strangers.
  • Car rental: Take extra care when driving in the mountains, as accidents involving tourists unfortunately occur.

Medical Care in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers excellent medical care. In tourist areas such as Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas, you will find numerous private clinics and doctors, recognisable by the red cross. Most private clinics have multilingual staff and speak the English language.

Gran Canaria has professional Medical Care for Tourists
Gran Canaria has professional Medical Care for Tourists
Gran Canaria has Professional Hospitals
Gran Canaria has Professional Hospitals
  • Hospitals: Las Palmas is home to two renowned hospitals: Hospital Insular and Hospital Doctor Negrín.
  • Red Cross: Red Cross aid stations are well represented on the island.

Pharmacies in Gran Canaria

Pharmacies (Farmacia) are recognizable by the green cross. Please note that a Para-Farmacia is not a regular pharmacy. Pharmacies provide all necessary medications, including homeopathic medicines. Pharmacies also have an on-call service and are open day and night. Always ask for proof of payment for any reimbursement from your health insurer.

Pharmacies in the Canary Islands
Pharmacies in the Canary Islands

Costs of Medical Care in Gran Canaria

Medical care in Gran Canaria usually has to be paid for immediately. As an EU resident you are automatically insured for medical costs within the EU. Inquire with your health insurer before departure and consider additional health insurance.

  • Doctor’s visit: The cost of a consultation ranges between €70 and €100, with a possible additional cost of €40 for check-ups.
  • Medication: Prices for medication can add up, especially for injections or infusions. Consider whether these treatments are necessary and, if necessary, ask for a prescription for regular medication from the pharmacy.

Always be kind and clear about your preferences and budget when seeking medical care.

Your Experiences with Medical Care in Gran Canaria

This information is of great importance to you and your family or friends. Do you have any experiences or suggestions regarding illness in the Canary Islands? Can you recommend a particular clinic or doctor in Gran Canaria? Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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Useful Phone Numbers

General emergency number : 112
Police ( Policia ) : 091
Fire brigade : 080 General emergency number : 112
Clinica San Roque Las Palmas / Maspalomas : (+34) 928 40 40 40

If you cannot solve a medical problem you can always contact your Consulate.
Belgium :( Gran Canaria ) (+34) (928) 46.17.18 (+34) – (685) 81 46 80
Netherlands : ( Tenerife ) (+34) (928) 27 17 21
British : ( Gran Canaria ) (+34) (928) 262 508 or (+44) 20 7008 5000