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Medical care in Gran Canaria

Sick during my holiday in Gran Canaria

More and more people like you and I travel on holiday to other distant countries and cultures. Other cultures have different ways of life and the use of hygiene can sometimes be very different to what we are accustomed. Being sick can you not foresee, Gran Canaria also offers many general practices and clinics.

Enjoy a carefree holiday

Several diseases including tropical diseases can ruin your vacation. However, sanitary conditions in the Canary Islands and also on Gran Canaria are very good to excellent. With a little care, you can avoid many problems.

The tap water in Gran Canaria is basically drinkable, but I can still recommend to use for example, brushing the teeth or drink bottled water. Tap water can cause intestinal problems. Further, you should be very well protected from the sun with sunscreen. The UV index on the island is very strong, before you know it you’ve burned.

Eating out on Gran Canaria in a local bar or restaurant is not a problem. Inspection measures in food safety in Spain are very strict. Respect further maximize the rules when swimming in the sea, be wary when having sex with an unknown person, be extra careful when renting a car. The roads and driving skills of the locals are the same than here in Belgium or the Netherlands, but you are not familiar with, for example driving in the mountains. Unfortunately accidents happen daily careless tourists by car and bicycle. Take it easy, you are on vacation and have all the time.

Doctors and clinics in abundance but …

You will notice on your holiday resort such as Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, private clinics and doctors are everywhere. You can recognize it by the Red Cross. Usually you will be helped anywhere in your own language, especially private clinics (Clinica) have usually someone on staff who speaks several languages. Medical care on all the Canary Islands is of excellent quality. In case of doubt or problems, you can always get in touch with your tour operator or local hostess.

In the capital Las Palmas are two very good hospitals. Insular Hospital – Las Palmas and Hospital Doctor Négrin – Las Palmas are certainly worth your trust. Certainly not to be forgotten are the aid stations of the Red Cross which is very well represented in Gran Canaria.

My pharmacy in Gran Canaria

Pharmacies (Farmacia) on the island can be identified by a green cross. Make no mistake with a Para-Farmacia, this is not an ordinary pharmacy. Pharmacies are just the same as at home. They have all the necessary medications and other products. Most pharmacies also have homeopathic medicines. If necessary, ask for your doctor’s visit to the pharmacist for a good doctor (Medicina).

They will usually refer you to a family doctor and not a private clinic. Pharmacists are day and night alternately opened watchkeeping. Also ask your receipt so you can recover the cost from your health insurance.

How much does a doctor visit on my vacation?

Not only medical well be helped on your vacation is important, the financial picture is also very important. Do not forget that you’re a tourist on the island, and therefore all medical care will have to pay directly. That in itself is not a problem because as a citizen of a European country (EU), you are automatically covered for medical expenses incurred in another European country. Nevertheless, I advise you to inform very good to you before you leave your home insurance fund. An additional insurance shutdown is not superfluous.

All medical expenses such as doctor visits and medication get reimbursed basically 100% of your health insurance fund. I say in principle because, as always, there are exceptions and it may be that your EU health insurance does not cover everything. Therefore, it is advisable to consider an additional insurance. These pay you back what your health insurance will not be refunded. Furthermore, before you get back the amount paid in your home country, we are soon a few weeks later. And 500 or € 1000 can you be used best during your vacation.

What you will paid in the private hospital or the doctor a home visit on your room, apartment or in the cabinet? Most clinics and doctors use one and the same amount for a consultation. This is somewhere between € 70 and € 100 per consultation. Some clinics (Clinica’s) request an extra € 40 for a control examination.

You’re a tourist and wants to be helped, they know that and especially the private clinics. The prices for medications on the spot may therefore be high. When you propose an injection or infusion, the price can go up to € 100 per medication depending on the composition. Several medications in one infusion example, can cost a pretty penny. I have personally heard already stories of € 500 and more.

Consider well your decision whether it is all necessary. Ask for a prescription for regular medication that you can pick up at the pharmacy. They will try at first to convince their medications, there is nothing wrong with that, but it will cost you much more than regular medication. Then question carefully to the prices, negotiate well but not refuse treatment. They can refuse to board the plane back home. Be so kind and always tell why if you prefer a different treatment.

Important telephone numbers in case of emergency

General emergency number: 112
Police (Policia): 091
Fire brigade: 080
Clinica San Roque Las Palmas / Maspalomas : (+34) 928 012615 / ç+34) 928 063625

If you can not solve a medical problem you can always contact your consulate.
Belgian (Gran Canaria) (+34) (928) 46.17.18 (+34) – (685) 81 46 80
Netherlands (Tenerife) (+34) (922) 27 17 21
Germany: (Gran Canaria)

This information is important for you and your family or friends. If you have suggestions or experiences with disease in the Canary Islands, you can recommend a particular clinic or doctor on Gran Canaria, I would very much appreciate if you want to share this with everyone. I just set the name and address on the website so everyone can see it, complete responses may always place on the Facebook page. Reactions via the contact form