Gran Canaria

Beach of Maspalomas

Beach at Maspalomas on Gran Canaria

Cool beaches of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and Meloneras. I hope you take the time to want to read my experience on the island, and I am convinced that I already spend a step further with a decision to come in Maspalomas on holiday.

A true beach is not really for us but perhaps for you. Holidays on Gran Canaria is for us a few hours at the beach, a walk and of course a terrace. But first the most important why you are visiting this page, and it is the beach of Maspalomas to Playa del Ingles. This 7 km long exotic beach is the topper as regards walking and stroll along the sea. Thousands of tourists make daily use of the beach walk

There is always something happening, parasols that blow away, unexpected waves that engulf the beach … you get thirsty and there’s thought of that. At regular intervals there are kiosks where you can enjoy a snack, an ice cream or a cocktail.

It is always busy but the point is very cozy to it, so once you learn to know new people, and you can share holiday stories. Beach Seats (hamacas) and umbrellas (Sombrillas) may be hired on a regular price of € 7.50 per day (price subject to adjustment) From San Agustin to Maspalomas beach, there are about 4,000 seats and 2,000 umbrellas.

Prasols on the beach of Maspalomas on Gran Canaria

On the beach of Maspalomas to Playa del Ingles is the whole day surveillance of rescuers, the Red Cross and the police. This may or may not be motorized to moving on the beach. Even in remote locations become the security guaranteed by the Red Cross and the Police.

By mountain bike or motorcycle rescuers driving back and forth on the beach and promenade. With busy days even get a helicopter from the police to ensure safety of the holidaymakers. The highest degree of supervision is during the month of August. However, if the crowds is higher in September than expected then it is extended.

Dog or cat along on the beach of Gran Canaria

Do you want your dog or cat take to the beach, which can but there are just as with our rules .. Please note that there is no special beach for dogs is available.

If after 18 hours the most visitors have left the beach is it allowed to walk with the dog. At the beach If you still want a few hours with your dog on the beach, you can for example go to La playa del Cabron in Arinaga or the beach of San Felipe at Santa María de Guía.

Our pets are not habituated to a full day exposure to the sun and certainly not to the hot sands of the beach. Protect not only yourself but also think about the animals. On the beach of Santa Maria de Guia should also spot a surf school.

Protection from the sun with an umbrella

I advise you to rent a parasol or definitely use. It is not the first accident that I see happening by burning, sunstroke or heatstroke. Every year tourists decease by maladaptive sunbathing. Protection by an umbrella, sunscreen is highly recommended.

The beaches are along the entire length every day, both morning and evening very well maintained by the municipal services. At some point you reach “Punta de Maspalomas”, this is the division between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. Not so special but at this point there are small flocks of fish swimming around already come nibble quickly at your feets.

Yes indeed nibble. These little fish massaging your feet and clean the dead skin on hands and feet. In the sea it is free but in some commercial establishments like hotels in Playa del Ingles you have to pay for this. Whether fish are the same and have the same effect that you should test once. Themselves but It definitely feels pleasant.

Swimming in the sea at the beach of Maspalomas

The beach area between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas is also suitable in high winds for board surfers and kite surfing. The water temperature of the sea become quite pleasant from late May to October. I do not know if it’s the same with you, but I prefer swimming in the sea above a pool at the hotel. It has its charm thanks to the playful waves that you ever challenge again.

It’s a crazy game of sand and waves, inviting regularly raging sea to a battle between man and nature. Lifted by the wind scours the sand as a scrub down your body

Do you want to know the current weather in Maspalomas then the beach webcam outcome. You you hear the weather in the Netherlands or Belgium, and then even news and great music in the Dutch and English language. You can listen on radio Holland FM. This online radio can also listen on the beach on 90.7 frequency.

Did you forget anything at home something of bathing suit or swimsuit then there are plenty of beach boutiques where you can go shopping. They also follow the latest fashion trends for a bikini is not just a bikini, little sexy pants “hipkini” Two-piece swimsuit “Tankini”, now I have to differ, of course, sorry I could not resist. Did I still curious made to the latest swimwear, it’s a good link.

Naked on the beach, it may be in Maspalomas

After some time steps along the coastline towards Playa del Ingles, there is for nature lovers a 3 km stretch of nude beach where you can naturel sunbathe. This strip is public and anyone can therefore mixed sunbathing with or without a bathing suit.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to look behind rocks and bushes for privacy There do get said is that the nude area just get used to openly’m done, that you are watched by old bad guys to sex by gay and lesbian’s (gay maspalomas). I can say that all here nothing is true. Young and old, naked or not, everyone mingles below each other without any shame or the feeling that you are watched.

Gay contact is inevitable but it is certainly not challenging. The nudist area starts at kiosk number 5 and runs through to Playa del Ingles. For everyone there is a pretty spot to find. Outside Maspalomas you will not only find this nude beach, nice naturist beaches and other places where you can undisturbed sunbathe with your partner. Read more …

So you see a day at the beach in Gran Canaria between Meloneras and Playa del Ingles is a real winner. Have you been on holiday in Maspalomas and have your own story or suggestion, please let me hear from you.

Will you join me to discover the beach of Playa del Ingles?