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Nudism during your holiday on Gran Canaria

You are visiting this page probably because you are looking for more information about naturism in Gran Canaria. As you’ve already read on the previous page is naturism in the Canary Islands well established. Along with Fuerteventura is Gran Canaria extremely suitable for naturel sunbathing.

Nudist beach El Confital Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is a large part of freedom and move freely. Nobody looks at a naked body on the beach. Note that for the respect of other beachgoers on most beaches is a defined area (Zona Nudista).

On Gran Canaria are a 30 many beaches where you can sunbathing and swimming naked . I will just mention the most outstanding follow up to the previous page here.

El Confital

The beach of El Confital or as the locals call it “El Cabezón Negro” is located in the northeast of the island. It is the first nude beach in a capital city like Las Palmas. The beach is located on a peninsula called La Isleta. It is an extension of the famous Playa de las Canteras. There is is a defined area for naturists (Zona Recomendada Naturista). The beach is about 180 meters long. It consists of golden sand and rocks which here and there, large stone slabs are installed.

Moreover, the beach is easily accessible via wooden boardwalks. In 2012, El Confital has from Europe received the Blue Flag for an environmentally friendly and very neat beach. It can sometimes be very busy because by the sea current it here is also suitable for surfers.

Nevertheless El Confital shines a true tranquility. El Confital is easily accessible by car or on foot. By bus (guagua) you can reach the beach of El Confital from Las Palmas (San Telmo) with the numbers 12 or L1. This bus ride every 10 minutes. The travel time by bus and on foot to the beach is about 40 minutes.

Playa Tiritaña

The secluded beach Tiritaña is situated between Tauro (literally Taurus) and Puerto de Mogan. The beach located in a narrow canyon is still in its natural state. With a length of 80 meters is the beach not so great.

There is a lot of space for nudism or naturism. Note that there may be sometimes families with children are present. It is not only intended as nudist beach. Will you regular walking in the nude on the volcanic beach, then it is best to rent a hotel or apartment in Mogan, Taurito and Puerto Rico.

Playa Tiritaña - Mogan - Gran Canaria

The beach is a quiet area provides for nudism, but despite that it has been isolated it can get very busy. It consists mainly of black sand. Despite the fact that the beach has not blue flag it is still clean and the water crystal clear. It is also be cleansed daily. Trash cans are present. The nudist beach is not accessible for wheelchair users. Do not forget umbrella or a beachchair because you can not hire this locally.

The beach is easily accessible by public transport (guaguas Global) via the No. 33 Playa del Ingles – Puerto de Mogan, (stop at Barranco de Tiritaña) this bus ride only on Saturday and Sunday. During the weekdays bus No. 91 to Playa del Cura. From there you will still need a lot on foot towards Taurito. Do you prefer to drive by car that can be done via the GC-500. There is no parking provided. Through a path you can easily reach the small beach on footMap

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