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Rum and Gardens of Arucas

Rum and gardens in the town of Arucas

Perhaps you have already read the other webpage about Arucas. Arucas is more than history and culture. On this webpage I will take you further on a journey through the gardens of this beautiful and pleasant city of rum Arucas. I bring together with you a visit to the Rum Factory Arehucas. This is certainly a worthy tour, finishing in a tasting of the famous Canarian rum.

Parque Municipal de Arucas

Almost every city or town does have its own public park. That is true for Arucas with the municipal park. In popular parlance they call it “The Floral Park“. This is a genuine oasis to enjoy walking and unwind. The public park has been landscaped with winding pathways surrounded by beautiful gardens, beautiful trees, ornamental plants and flowers. There is an abundance of native and exotic trees from all continents.

A major role plays the canals, ponds and water features. Beautiful sculptures giving the park an extra dimension. The public park is characterized by a combination of two models. there is the English garden model with an abundance of trees, and a French garden at Versailles with ponds and flower beds with geometric shapes. The sidewalks are designed and finished with Terrazo stones at an example from Alicante Gardens, Copacabana Beach and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Tucked away between the many trees, there is an Elfen or Gnome park. Crab you over the nose of a gnome then wait you a lot of luck. The park with an area of 10 000 m2 is located within walking distance of the church “San Juan Bautista” and the distillery of Arehucas.

Jardin de la Marquesa

One of the most beautiful gardens on the island is undeniably “Jardin de la Marquesa de Arucas“. For garden lovers, it is a true paradise. It all started around the summer palace of the Marquis Don Ramon in the year 1880. The park is located at the foot of the “Mountain of Arucas”

Garden of the Marquise (Jardin de la Marquesa) Arucas Gran Canaria

Everything started with the planting of vegetables from the Canary Islands and exotic plants. The exotic plants were brought from distant travels and also exchanged with other noble families.

You can inter alia a 200-year-old dragon tree, an Indian rubber tree and much more to discover. Above the garden you can see from afar the Araucaria trees, assisted by Jacarandas that provide a beautiful color palette in the botanical garden.

The tropical character of the Jardin de la Marquesa also named “Las Hesperides“, get emitted from a mix of palm trees. Thanks to the grandson of the “Marquesa de Arucas” and a tour promoter has been the garden at the end of the month November 1985 officially opened to the public

The botanical garden is built in terraces, but most plants are located on the ground floor. The garden has grown to about 5 hectares and can count on 500 different types of plants. In short, this garden has a very rich history. There are regularly added new plants.

Visiting the Botanical Garden

Visit the garden can be visited from Monday to Saturday. Opening hours are from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. The botanical garden is closed on Sundays and holidays, except for groups, an exception can be made by appointment. There is a cafeteria and gift shop for visitors. The entry fee is € 6 per person. For groups is a discount provided.

A visit to the botanical garden happens with a guide. You can discover the banana plantation, A walk along the mansion or palace of the Marchioness and undoubtedly the necessary information about the flora and fauna of the available flowers and plants. The garden is equipped for wheelchair users and seniors who move difficult.

How can I reach “Jardin de la Marquesa”

By public transport you can reach the garden through the bus station San Telmo (Las Palmas). There take the Global bus number 206 ( Las Palmas Bañaderos-Arucas ). The stop where you should get off is on the GC-330. From the bus station in Arucas you can reach the garden on foot via the old road “Camino Viejo” or taxi. The fare of the taxi is not expensive.

Arucas Rum

The beginning of the Rum factory is situated in the year 1883. Everything starts with Alfonso Gourie. This man had originally the intention to establish a sugar factory. The factory was built by a resident and bricklayer from Arucas, Manuel Aguiar. Remarkable in the factory is the presence of a brick fireplace, not exceptional but still one of the best preserved in Gran Canaria. The then sugar machines were imported from Scotland (Glasgow).

Arucas (Gran Canaria) rum factory
Arucas (Gran Canaria) rum factory

On August 9, 1884 is the rum factory opened its doors. This was celebrated with a big party because it made work for the inhabitants of the island and Arucas .

That was  badly needed because there was not much work. After many modernizations however succeeded stricken by fate in 1920. The factory was forced to close its doors. All sugar machines were sold except for the distillery.

Alfredo Martin Reyes was the man who gave the factory back a new life with the “Ron Arehucas”. Since 1965, the factory contributes the name “Destilerías Arehucas SA“. In addition to a wine cellar is the bottling of rum production today can rotate between 12,000 and 20,000 bottles per hour. Each year 3.5 million liters of rum are produced and is drunk on all the Canary Islands. You can see the stored barrels with signatures of famous people, such as among others Johan Cruyff and Julio Iglesias. These vessels shall remain the property of the rum factory

In the industrial area of the Rum factory being also spot a chapel “Ermita de San Pedro” owned by the owners of the factory since 1971. In 1975, be  the neglected chapel restored by master masons from the area. Inside is the chapel true to Flemish model constructed.

The chapel and the distillery are worth your visit. In the basement are only stored up to six thousand oak barrels. The factory can be visited from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00. Closed weekends and holidays. At the end of the tour, there is an opportunity to sample one or more types of rum. There are for sale both dark and light rums and also all kinds of fruit liqueurs with rum base. For you as a visitor of the rum factory there is an application for your smartphone or tablet. Arehucas app (Android) – (iPhone / iPad)
More information on the websiteMore information on the website

How can I reach the city Arucas

After reading this page you will certainly discover Arucas. This can be by car or public transport. By bus of the Global company you can depart from Las Palmas with bus No. 205 and Bus No. 234. By car from the south, take the motorway GC-1, GC-3 on the GC-2, take the exit to the GC 20. From the south you have to count on a journey of about 45 minutes.

Arucas, one of the most beautiful cities in Gran Canaria. Discover here the rich history and culture of this beautiful city a stone’s throw from Las Palmas.