Gran Canaria

Sports on Gran Canaria

Sports and Gran Canaria golf, surf, mountainbike and trekking

The coastline and the inland are perfect to make a healthy recreation such as sports and not just a holiday in the sun. There are on Gran Canaria gyms, renting of bicycles, sports clubs, jeep safaris, … In short, the vacationer who love active sports holiday will certainly be liking on Gran Canaria.

Play golf during your vacation with seaview

Golf lovers are well represented in this region of Maspalomas. Golf in Gran Canaria dates from the nineteenth century, when it was opened Gran Canaria’s first golf course in the country. Six generations later, Gran Canaria is still a major golf destination for thousands of Europeans.

Many years have passed since the opening of the first field, the first in Spain. This site was used by the English tourists who came to Gran Canaria for the mild winters on the island. Now the golf has become a popular sport in Gran Canaria.

The island has eight diverse areas that are close together. 8 totally different areas within a stone’s throw from each other. The sun invites eight days a week, five weeks per month and thirteen months a year to play golf and that nine lives like that was possible.

One of the main courses is Maspalomas Golf. A golf course right on the seafront, next to the dunes of Maspalomas. Everything you need is provided, the best accommodation and full service at your fingertips. There are also several Golf hotels on the island. An interesting fact is that your golf clubs can even leave home and can hire. 7 Golf Hire specializes in this.

Surf on the Atlantic Ocean

Here is almost is everything available to exercise. This wonderful sport on the waves of the ocean days every day the lovers of windsurfing and bodyboarding off. The latest trends in the water here soon became known. Kite surfing is so one.

Surf Sport at Gran CanariaThe inhabitants of the island, learning all of their early years. Tourists and curious surfers can appeal to many surf camps and schools. More information about these schools, such as Oceanside, Surf Canarias and a few others.

Medium but sometimes big waves pamper young and old fans. Through the extensive beaches you can practice water sports in many places. Famous sites include the capital Las Palmas (Lloret), Puertillo the Arucas The famous right waves are known to surfers in El Confital.

We may certainly Pozo Izquierdo do not forget. I once on a certain day a look. to the surf spectacle. That day the wind to my mind was much harder than usual, at least that’s my opinion. For the experienced surfer is this probably normal.

The fact is that we could to keep us right. These days on the boulevard with my video camera it was difficulty and he were literally ripped out of my hands. But admitted the spectacle of surfers from around the world is breathtaking. Gran Canaria is like other Canary Islands really a true paradise for surfers

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