Gran Canaria

Events and Festivals at Gran Canaria

Events and Festivals

Gran Canaria is not only sun and beach, but also events. If you’re on holiday in Gran Canaria then you may want something different than sunbathing. Therefore on Gran Canaria are regular all kinds of events. 

On this page I place as much as possible events on the island of Gran Canaria.
Do you self any suggestions and photographs, please send me your message Thanks

Festivals and events in Gran Canaria

Fiesta del Almendro en Flor

As every year during the month of February the “Fiesta del Almendro en Flor” or in englisch “Almond Blossom Festival“. organized in Gran Canaria.
Date : month February
Events Location: Plaza de Tunte in San Bartolome de Tirajana
30 january until 07 February 2016 – Events Location: Tejeda

Maspalomas Pride

Europe’s biggest Gay Pride Is organized annually in Gran Canaria . This event is held each year in May. For a week there are numerous events such as parties, boat rides, live shows with international artists and much more.

[showad block=1]More than 100,000 visitors come every year back to this event. The full program can be read on the website. The heart and start of the gay parade are in the Yumbo Shopping Center. On the final day there is a fantastic International Gala Show ended with an equally unique fireworks.
Date : month May
Location events : Maspalomas – Playa del Inglés ( website )

Dia de Canarias

Each year the Canary Islands celebrate their national holiday (Dia de Canarias).
In all islands there are many festivals in towns and cities. Dia de Canarias is a day for the inhabitants to experience extraordinary politics, traditions, folklore, gastronomy and sports.
Date: May 30th
Location events: anywhere on the island
(Foto Marco Aurelio Pérez Sanchez – Alcalde de SBT)

Fiesta del Queso

Every year in the month of May get organized the cheese festivals in Santa Maria de Guia. During this festival with dance, music and cheese tasting you can get acquainted with the Queso de Flor de Guia. Especially the cheese dairy Cortijo Caideros is known in the region.
Date : month May
Events Location: Santa Maria de Guia

Fiesta del Queso at Gran Canaria

Zumba on the beach of Playa del Ingles
Zumba and Fitness on the beach of Playa del Ingles.
During the months of August and September.
Place: Anexo II Shopping Center (located at the roundabout from the beach of Playa del Ingles)
Starting from 19.00

Wind & Waves Festival
The lovers of windsurfing can naturally not miss this annual event. The Wind & Waves Festival is known worldwide by surf enthusiasts. But even for non surfers is definitely worth a look. Download the flyer
Date: month July
Events Location: Pozo Izquierdo

Wind & Waves Festival at Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Walking Festival
Launch of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival.
The festivities are opened with folklore, taste typical Canarian cuisine, music and dance.
Date : month November
Place: Casa del Vino / Santa Brigida – 18.00 and 22.00
The total program and routes can be read on the dedicated website.

Prueba Campeonato de Velocidad
For motorcycle enthusiasts, there is already the “4th Trophy Gran Canaria”
A championship for speed engines
There are different categories. The competition is organized by CCV Moto Boxes.
Date : month October
From 10:30 to 16:00
Location: Circuit Maspalomas

Fiesta de la Traida del Aqua

This festival is held during the first two weeks of August. During this festival, there is one big influx of locals and tourists. The festival was founded 30 years ago. It was the custom to fetch water from the ditch by the local youth and then seat in earthen jugs . This is an interesting festival for tourists.
Date : month August

Fiestas de San Lorenzo
These fiestas of San Lorenzo take place from mostly from1 August to 15 August. There are plenty of exhibitions, shows. The opening of the festival takes place with a celebration in the church Iglesia Parroquial.

From then on, there are daily activities such as dance, music and sports. On August 15, the celebrations are traditionally ended with a magnificent fireworks. The whole program is always available from the tourist services.
Date : month August
Events Location: Las Palmas

La Aldea San Nicolas

During the months of August and September there are several festivals in La Aldea San Nicolas. Pilgrimage, Eucharist and markets are organized almost daily. Especially the Fiesta del Charco you should not miss.
Date: months August and September
Events Location: San Nicolas de Tolentino

Fiestas de Las Marias

The Maria Feast is an important holiday in Gran Canaria. Every year be this feast is organized in the municipality of Guia. The third weekend of September is the municipality of Guia one big feast. This event was founded in the year 1811. The History says that the inhabitants of Guia the Virgin Mary every year make a sacrifice with branches that they lay at the feet of the statue. The sacrifice of the inhabitants to release them from grasshoppers plagues on the fields. Drums, music and a parade make one big party.
Date :month September
Location: Guia (Gran Canaria)

Festival Costa Norte

Every year you can enjoy the festival or feast of Costa Norte (North coast of Gran Canaria)
This festival is organized in Villa de Moya. Moya is a municipality of the province of Las Palmas. On top of a the cliff stands the church of Moya “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria“. From the top of the cliff you can see the “Barranco de Moya

The festival Costa Norte takes place on the last weekend of September. There is a craft market, a surf championship and many other activities such as zumba, fitness, theater and much more.
Date : month September
Location: Villa de , El Pagador, El Altillo (Gran Canaria)

Traida del Gofio y Agua
Each year the celebration of Gofio and Water held during the month of September. For over 39 years the festival get organized in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary of Agüimes. A convoy wagons pulled by donkeys loaded with water and gofio then drive through the streets of the town from the mills of Lolita and Ananias. The festival attracts many tourists, takes place during the evenings. Music and dance with, among others Chácaras and drums give the party an extra dimension.
Date: month SeptemberFiesta de la Manzana at Gran Canaria

Fiesta de la Manzana

Every year find the “Feast of the Apple” (Fiesta de la Manzana) instead during the first weekend of October. Also that day is also the incarnation of Our Lady celebrated. The eve of the great feastcomes the locals in traditional dress on the street. They honor the Virgin Mary with local produce. The festivities begin on Friday at 21:00 pm with a Folklore festival.
Date : month October
Location; Valleseco – Plaza Municipal de Valleseco

Maspalomas Gay Pride – Winter Edition

Every year is the Gay Pride be organized in Maspalomas. During the winter months there is a special winter edition of this colorful parade. The winter edition is organized by ProGay. The Yumbo shopping center will be three days filled with numerous international artists such as Baccara, Alcazar and many others. The party continues with Drag shows. Entertainement is assured. website
Date: The second week of November
Location events : Yumbo Shopping Centre – Playa del Ingles

Maspalomas Gay Pride Winter on Gran Canaria

ARC – Rally for Cruisers

Every year during the month of November will Gran Canaria the contest “Atlantic Rally for Cruisers” organized. This is the world’s largest transatlantic yacht race. Hundreds of yachts departing from Las Palmas along Cape Verde continue towards the Caribbean.

The end point of this race is Santa Lucia in the Caribbean. The best sailors in the world participate in this wonderful yacht race. The crossing itself takes about 21 days. From the beginning of November coming the boats in Las Palmas. There are daily activities surrounding this sporting event and events.
Date : month November – website
Location events : Haven Las Palmas – Gran Canaria

Vuelta Cicloturista – Gran Canaria

Every year in mid-December under pleasant winter temperatures on Gran Canaria has the “Vuelta Cicloturista” place. Costa Mogán than es 2 weeks the place for bicycle touring. Also because of the beautiful scenery and excellent routes is this highly recommended. The participants come from all countries. Age is not a problem, just the passion for cycling is essential. You can register throughout the year at the Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa.
Date: month December – website
Location events : Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa

International Tourism Forum
It is the second year that this Gran Canaria International Forum on Tourism ( Foro Internacional de Turismo ) organized. The forum aims to discussions and experiences in the field of tourism share. New technologies, products and tourists who are more demanding. These are all issues that should be discussed. His experience of 50 years of tourism in Gran Canaria, this place is perfect for the International Forum on Tourism
Date ; month December
Location events : ExpoMeloneras – Maspalomas / Costa Canaria – Gran Canaria

Dia de Santa Lucia op Gran Canaria

Dia de Santa Lucia on Gran Canaria
An annual festival get organized during the winter in December. The historical festival of the patron saint Santa Lucia is celebrated on mainland Spain and the Canary Islands but mainly in Santa Lucia on Gran Canaria. It’s a big traditional feast which always shown a lot of interest among tourists and thousands of pilgrims. On the feast day, there are many mostly Scandinavian tourists present. The Swedes take their special holiday this time in Gran Canaria to see Lucy symbol.

Dia de Santa Lucia at Gran Canaria

The celebrations in Santa Lucia get along with typical products and dishes like “El Mejunje“, a drink specially brewed for the festival in Santa Lucia de Tirajana. The stomach will be spoiled with Canarian gastronomy as stone-baked bread, olives, cheese and of course the famous “Papas Arrugadas con Mojo“.

On the last day, on Sunday there is the ‘Pilgrimage of Labradors‘. This pilgrimage dedicated to the “Canary Labrador” has deep roots in the history of Santa Lucia. Then get paid a lot of attention to traditional and folkloric aspects. Monday (Dia Virgen del Rosario) is a day to relax after the many festivities.
Date: month December
Events Location: Santa Lucia de Tirajana – Gran Canaria

Sand Sculpture Festival – Las Palmas

Every year in the month of December, has at Playa de las Canteras take place the Sand sculpture festival. International sculptors continually demonstrate their prowess with sand. Every year there is a different theme. This year the theme is “Bethlehem”. Seven nativity scenes are depicted on 2000 square meters. It is the tradition that during the holiday season or festive season around Christmas season the birth of Christ be portrayed .The sand sculpture festival is to visit every day. Opening hours from 09:00 to 22:00.
Date : month December
Events Location : Playa de las Canteras – Las Palmas

Sand sculptures during the Christmas period in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria

Christmas and New Year on Gran Canaria

Even on a sunny and warm island become celebrated Christmas. You have one advantage, it will not snow and not freezing here. Christmas and New Year under the sun is then also for wich you come to Gran Canaria.

Carnival with rides, music festivals, shows, sports events, Christmas markets with crafts and of course lots of food and drink. Almost in every village, town or city on the island become during the months of December and January, something organized around Christmas and of the New Year period. Not to forget the sand sculpture festival on the beach of Las Canteras in Las Palmas, every year in the month of December, in the sign of the birth of Christ.
Date : month December and January

The Three Kings celebrate their holiday on Gran Canaria in January

Three Kings on Gran Canaria

Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar, the Three Kings celebrate in January their holiday. Three kings, or “The Three Magi” is a Christian holiday that is celebrated every year on January 5. The kings will be welcomed upon their arrival at the Cruise Terminal Santa Catalina in the port of Las Palmas.

Many activities for toddlers and slightly older children will be organized. The children given to the Three Kings and the members of the royal court their homemade cards.

The grand procession through the streets of various municipalities, towns and villages of Gran Canaria will take place on January 5th. The parade is mainly for children but also for adults one big party. Especially the Three Kings or Majesties welcome and pamper riding on their camels the crowd of people. They are dressed in beautiful colorful oriental clothes. More than 20 floats accompanied by dance and music color the streets. During these festivals there are special buses and timetables for public transport.
Date : month January
Events Location : Las Palmas, San Fernando, Arguineguin, Maspalomas and many other locations on the island

Regularly I will add new carnival events on this page. All suggestions are welcome via the contact form. Still more info on the carnival page