Gran Canaria

Weather and Climate

Weather and climate of the Canary Islands

The climate and the weather is known for its mild temperatures throughout the year, so that the Canary Islands are named deserve “The island of eternal spring“. You can go for almost all year pleasant temperatures. Gran Canaria is suitable for a spring break, to spend the winter or summer.

Varied weather conditions in Gran Canaria

Who chooses for wintersports that I must disappoint you, that you will not find here except sometimes a few millimeters of snow on the highest peaks. It seems like you are on vacation in the Caribbean, if you follow my advice, you’ll never go indeed to a Caribbean vacation.

[showad block=43]For the fans of native flowers and vegetation is the period from October, the most appropriate time. The most appropriate months to sunbathe and walk to my opinion of March to the end of June and September and a little of November. The holiday months of July and August can be hot between 30 and 40 ° C. These sometimes hot days due to the easterly current that brings warm air to the Canary Islands.

Just like all the islands is also here once cloudy and you have to take into account a lot of wind. The wind is usually northeast. But that bothers me and probably you do not really. The wind is sometimes very welcome as the temperature climbs in height, it works a bit like a fan.

The beach and dunes on the Atlantic Ocean are the places you should not miss. Sure The average temperature in the south of Gran Canaria is slightly above 22 ° C. Going on stage either for shopping, walking the coastal path, then do it for 11 hours from 16 hours in nammidag.

Is it in the morning already cloudy and there is a drop of rain, you do not need to panic immediately. Before you know it all dissolved into nothingness.

The temperatures in Gran Canaria are between 20 and 35 degrees throughout the year

Is the temperature in the south of the island a day too extreme then you can consider a trip a little further north. Las Palmas, Arucas and Firgas are recommended. As the temperature is usually a few degrees lower and can overcast. You can consult the weather forecasts that you can ask at the reception or listen every hour to the dutch radio Holland.Fm.

Rain and thunderstorms also on Gran Canaria

Because of the global warming is changing the weather and climate in the Canary Islands. In Las Palmas and the environment can it may rain fiercely with temporary flooding. But also in the south of the island is rain today no exception . From October to the end of February the weather can be changeable. Thunderstorms and heavy rains come in recent years more and more on the island.

Convenient climate for your Gran Canaria vacation

The bad weather can take a few days, but do not panic, this is all temporary. The weather
around Christmas and New Year may as well be 25 degrees and sunny.

Sometimes it all seems much worse than it is. It is on Gran Canaria mostly dry and warm. That means that all soil is hard as stone. If it then rains heavily than once come all the water from the mountains to the sea.

[showad block=733]Dry riverbeds grow then to raging rivers. In the inland will appear then numerous waterfalls. Be careful if you want to visit this temporary waterfalls. Landslides due to heavy can cause boulders and rock fall on the road. Just as in Spain they use no sewer here as at home in Belgium, Netherlands or the UK. The streets changes then quickly into water slides.

Very warm or hot days are sometimes caused by the Calima. The Calima is a hot Saharan wind that blows from the African country.

If this is the case you should be well protected and certainly many drinks from dehydration. The microclimate of the Canary Islands may be that some places on the island are not affected by this wind.