Gran Canaria

Airport Las Palmas

Airport of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The modern Airport in Las Palmas at Gran Canaria. This airport is located on the territory of Las Palmas and is situated just off the town Gando, a municipality of Telde. On your ticket you will find the official Airport Code or abbreviation LPA, which means “Las Palmas Airport.”

Luchthaven Las Palmas shopping hall

The latest years, this airport in the Canary Islands and Spain already had several expansions. It is a very modern and contemporary airport. Las Palmas Airport is the busiest airport in the Canary Islands with regard to passenger and cargo transportation. In addition, he is on the 5th place of the airports of Spain.

Just as in Belgium (Zaventem and Melsbroek) standing the military airport Telde Air Base in the same location. With the arrival of more than 10 million passengers annually Gran Canaria is at the top in terms of tourism. The airport is open 365 days and 24 to 24 hours.

Several airlines use this airport. EasyJet, Ryanair, the Spanish company Iberia and many others from different parts of the world. A list of all aircraft carriers at the airport can be found it here. Make a note already at your home from the phone number of your company.

On excursions to other islands by plane

The connection between the various Canary Islands takes place by Binter Canarias and Canary Fly. These flights depart and arrive at Terminal C. Here are the check-in times smoothly. You only need 1 hour before departure to be present at the airport. Passport control do not get applied here because this really internal flights.

Binter Canarias of the Canary Islands

Binter Canarias was founded in 1988, the first flight of the local airline was in March 1989 Binter Canarias is also elected as Airline of the Year 2013-2014.

They have a fleet of planes like the ATR 72-500, Beach 1900D, Boeing 737-400 and CRJ 100 and CRJ 200 The Boeing 737 aircraft joined the fleet in 2005. This is used for flights to the mainland like Paris and Milan. Pets up to 6 kilogram are allowed on the aircraft.

Binter Canarias and Canary Fly are the ideal partners to explore the other islands during your holiday. The destinations are El Hierro, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, La Graciosa, Lanzarote, La Palma and Tenerife. Binter Canarias also cared for several international destinations such as Agadir, Cap Verde, Lisbon, Malaga and many others. The prices of all the destinations of Binter Canarias here and Canary Fly found here.

Landing at Gran Canaria Airport

The arrival on the island of Gran Canaria is always an experience. If you are lucky you may take a tour around the island before landing get deployed. The landing is usually done with a sharp curve to the right which gives a nice view of Las Palmas and the surrounding area.

The presence of mostly strong wind from the north, therefore make it use of it to touch down northern. The landing strips have been extended and have a comfortable length of 3,100 meters. By the presence of two terminals everything goes very smoothly. You do not have wait to long on arrival at the baggage.

Terminal A is for all the citizens of Europe. Terminal B is used for passengers from the mainland of Spain and Non-Schengen citizens. Non-Schengen countries they not belonging to the European Union. Do not forget to adjust the local time upon arrival at your watch or smartphone

Useful general information on the airport

For the kids there are on the floor at the level at the height of Gate A and Gate C  and on the first floor play spaces provided. In the whole airport building you have access to Wifi Hotspots available. The first 15 minutes are free, after that you have to pay for high-speed wireless internet. More info about WiFi at the airport

For medical care, there is a permanence provided 24 out of 24 hours. The medical service is situated on the ground floor zone between B and C. In the whole building there are 16 Heart Rescue Areas with Defibrillators. You can reach this medical emergency service if needed via telephone 928 579 123

Departure from the airport to house

When the holiday is over you have to unfortunately go back home. May I suggest you to be present at the airport on time. May I recommend a minimum of 2 hours before your departure to be present. Due to the large number of flights and passengers the waiting times can sometimes be long.

Departure hall at Gran Canaria Airport

It is important that you take already prepared the necessary documents like identity card for you and the kids, and your airline ticket. Keep an account of the baggage that it complies with the aviation rules. Are you with a tour operator then there is no problem. These come generally to you pick up at a good time on your vacation place. Please refer to the brochure for your tour at your hotel, apartment or bungalow resort.

In the airport buildingare several shops with all kinds of articles. Perfume, candy, alcoholic beverages and food, newspapers and magazines, and what should not be missing are the souvenir shops. To fill the hungry stomach, there are a few snack bars and fast-food restaurants such as Burger King and Starbucks. In some stores you can Tax-free shopping.

Rent a car or taxi transfer to the airport

Renting a car at the airport itself can, but I give you the advice to already make a reservation at home via car rental internet. This can be through this link on the website of the Las Palmas airport or at your home touroperator.

Would you have no car hire then there is the alternative of the bus or taxi. Taxis and buses have special places at the airport. A taxi ride to Las Palmas for example costs 42 euro +/-. A drive to Maspalomas +/- € 42. Keep in mind that the rates are slightly higher during the night, Sundays and holidays.

Parking at the airport

The ample parking at the airport is not free. You can pay at the ATM. When you leave the car park you will find out immediately go on the motorway GC-1, where you can drive to the north or south. Soon there will be a new parking lot under the management of AENA. This car park will count 4 floors. The partly covered car park has room for 1438 cars. 15 places are reserved for the disabled.

The rates for parking :
First minute: € 0.484138
2 minutes to 30 minutes: € 0.016694 per minute
31 minutes and more: € 0.032275 per minute
1 to a maximum of 4 days: € 13 per day
From 5 days: € 11 per day

By bus to and from the airport

Since November 2014, there is a new bus stop of guaguas (buses in Gran Canaria and all the Canary Islands). He is situated between the two arrival areas, regrouping all the lines that pass through the airport. In this way, passengers on flights to Gran Canaria (or from there) have a Global bus stop (from lines 1, 5, 11, 36, 60, 66, 90 and 91) in a much easier and safer way, Without having to go to the side of the highway GC-1.

Bus line 1 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Puerto de Mogan (3)
Journey price : 2.30 € (1>2) / 7.75 € (1>3)
Monday to Friday, 05.25 to 23.20 Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 to 23:30
Bus line 5 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Bahia Feliz (3) – Maspalomas (4)
Journey price : 2.30 € (1>2) / 2.75 € (2>3) / 4.05 € (2>4)
This bus ride only during the night hours..
Bus line11 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Aguimes (3)
Journey price : 2.30 € (1>2) / 2.40 € (2>3)
Monday to Friday 5:30 to 22:00 Saturday and holidays from 6:00 to 22:00
Bus line 36 – Telde (1) – Carrizal (2) – Airport (3) – Maspalomas (4)
Journey price : 1.40 € (2>3) / 1.45 € ( (1>3) / 4.05 € (3>4)
Direction Faro Maspalomas: 5:40 to 18:40 pm
Direction Telde: 7:40 to 20:40 pm
 60 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2)
Journey price : 2.30 € (1>2) San Telmo / 2.95 € (1>2) Santa Catalina
This bus ride from 5:45 to 22:40 direction airport
This bus ride from 6:00 to 20:15 hours twice per hour. Refer to the table
Bus line 66 – Airport (1) – Bahia Feliz (2) – Playa del Ingles (3) – Lighthouse Maspalomas (4)
Journey price : 2.75 € (1>2) – 3.50 € (1>3) – 4.05 € (1>4)
Deze bus rijd ieder uur naar
Richting Faro de Maspalomas : 7.20 tot 20.20 uur
Richting Airport : 6.20 tot 19.20 uur
Bus line 90 – Telde (1) – Airport (2) – Bahia Feliz (3) – Arguineguin (4) – Playa del Ingles (5) – Maspalomas (6)
Journey price : 1.45 € (1>2) – 2.75 € (2>3) – 3.50 € (2>5) – 4.05 € (2>6) – 4.95 € (2>4)
This bus ride about every hour to
Direction Faro de Maspalomas: 6:30 to 20:30
Direction Telde: 8:00 to 22:00
Bus line 91 – Las Palmas (1) – Airport (2) – Arguineguin (3) –  Playa del Cura / Patalavaca (4) – Puerto Rico (5)
Journey price : 2.30 € (1>2) – 4.95 € (2>3) – 5.25 € (2>4) – 5.45 € (2>5)
This bus ride about every hour.
Direction Las Palmas: Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 20:35 pm. Saturday and Sunday 7:35 to 20:35 pm.
Direction Playa del Cura: 6:15 to 20:15

Another alternative are the personal Airport Transfer services. It is about a taxi but more personal, and you can already book online from at home. I have been told that it is something cheaper than a normal taxi. Taxi companies that take you from north to south actually come in two zones, hence the slightly higher prices.

For your convenience you can see already the departure and arrival times of the flights. More information about the airport and plans can be found on the website of the airport operator here

If you have problems getting the hostess of your local tour operator. Do you have suggestions for this web page then let me know via the contact form