Gran Canaria

Tips and Suggestions

Tips and Suggestions

Probably you already read a few pages on my website. I hope I’ve been able to give you enough and useful information. Yet I can not tell you everything, therefore this special page with tips and suggestions. The nice thing is that you may contribute to write even more tips and suggestions on this page. Your vacation tips are so welcome.

Do not drink tap water in Gran Canaria

[showad block=579]Very important tip when you go to Gran Canaria or any of the other Canary Islands on holiday. The tap water or water from the tap is not drinkable on all islands. This is valid short everywhere for all hotels, apartments, bungalows. Do you drink the water anyway you can get intestinal complaints. Buy already when you arrive at your destination water in a shop near your hotel or apartment. The water is inexpensive and available in large plastic bottles.

Sunset on the beach of Maspalomas

An evening walk along the promenade at sunset is a must. A recommended walk with sea view is from the lighthouse of Maspalomas to the Meloneras beach. There you can enjoy at a fresh pint of a wonderful evening. 

An alternative is a walk from Playa del Ingles to San Agustin. This is also recommended by the peaceful character. Here too are plenty of horeca outlets to quench the thirst. One extra tip, some evenings can be chilly, therefore you should not forget to take with you a light sweater or shirt. More info …

Radio listening on Gran Canaria

Stay in touch with your trusted music and news to our home, can through the various stations on the island. Radio stations can be heard in almost all languages. On the beach, in your hotel or apartment or online, it can do during your holiday.
Kiss Fm Canaries – 99.4 fm en 102.5 fm – ( Englisch, Scandinavian en Spanish )
Mix-Radio – 101.1 fm en 104.8 fm – ( German ) website
Holland Fm España – 90.7 fm – ( Dutch ) website
7.7 Radio : 89.6 fm en 105.3 fm – ( Spanish ) website
Yumbo FM :105.1 fm – ( Englisch ) website
Radio Europa : 103.5 fm – ( German ) website
These and other radio stations on Gran Canaria are also be listened to online via an application of IOS or Android as TuneIn. With TuneIn you can listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world. To be listening on the beach you have needed a data plan or WiFi connection.

Veterinarians and animal clinics in Gran Canaria

I can imagine that you are taking your beloved pet with me on vacation. Unfortunately, during your vacation your pet can get wounded or sick. During your vacation you will be helped as quickly as possible. That is not a problem in Gran Canaria. There are good veterinarians and animal hospitals. Here I have for you some important addresses of veterinarians.
ULPGC – university veterinary clinic ( Universidad Las Palmas Gran Canaria )
Location : Arucas ( website )
Clinica Veterinaria Atlantico – Existed since 1997. 6 veterinarians and staff members.
Location : Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( website )
Clínica Can – One of the first animal clinics in Gran Canaria.
Location : Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( website )

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Aloe Vera for your daily health

Aloe Vera (Aloë Vera) is everywhere for sale on the Canary Islands. Aloe vera is a cactus plant and therefore become a natural product is cultivated at almost all islands. This exotic plant has proven its properties both in health and in the beauty industry for beauty treatments, skin care, skin, body, rash, dry skin, etc. …

Many beautician uses it in her beauty or wellness centers. The product is offered in drink, gel, cream, toilet paper and sun products. The sap is best suited to treat wounds and as a sunscreen and sunburn as aftersun.

Tips Aloe Vera natural product canary islandsIt is looking at the percentage of Aloe Vera which is located in the product. At the pharmacy and in some perfumery stores you can find Aloe Vera 100% what course is the purest form and most the effective. The plant can also easily create and growing at your home .

A sunny and warm place like a veranda is definitely recommended for cold days. During hot summer days, Aloe Vera should certainly outside in the garden. The product into the leaf you can use it pure. For this you just need to remove a leaf and cut open. The gel can be as easily applied to a wound or sunburn. More detailed information …

Cash withdrawals on vacation in Europe

Paying on Gran Canaria can be anywhere in Euros or by a bank or credit card such as Visa, MasterCard or Maestro with International Card Services. Cash withdrawals at an ATM is not a problem. Long search for an ATM should not because on almost every street corner or hotel you will find there is one.

[showad block=580]Keep in mind that withdraw cash with a credit card at an ATM, depending on your bank charges brings with, so consult your bank branch to check the rates applied before your departure. Do not forget before your departure on vacation to check your balance, so you do not get up. having a problem at your holiday.

On Gran Canaria are several bank branches, known and unknown. Banco Popular Español, Cajasiete, ING, Banco Santander, Banca March, Deutsche Bank and a few others.

Foreign currency exchange is still possible on the island. This can be in the known bank branches but also in small exchange branches. Exchange rates can be compared quite well.

Just like in any other world country in Gran Canaria is the post also provided. A Post Office (Oficina de Correos) is characterized by its yellow color like the mailboxes. There is already a post office at the airport and the city center of Las Palmas, but also in the tourist areas like Playa del Ingles on Avenida Tirajana 37.

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