Gran Canaria

Beach Las Canteras Las Palmas

Beach and Las Palmas, a perfect combination

When you go to Gran Canaria on holiday then you think in the first place on the beach and hotel. You probably think that the south of the island’s have the most beautiful beaches. Then I do not agree with you. A city with no less than six beaches, Playa de las Canteras, El Confital to name only a few, that is Las Palmas.

Beach of Las Canteras at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Playa de las Canteras

I can imagine that you came by plane to Gran Canaria . Now suppose you wanted something different, and you have opted for a cruise. Then when you from the cruise ship the city of Las Palmas see appear on the horizon then you will immediately notice the jewel of Las Palmas, and that’s Playa de las Canteras.

A long stretch of sand decorates the main boulevard of the city. You see little difference with the well known beaches in the south like Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and Playa Amadores.

If like me you have friends who live in Las Palmas, you know very quickly that Playa Canteras their best and most beautiful beach of Gran Canaria is. Playa de las Canteras has of Europe received the “Blue Flag” as the most eco-friendly beach in Europe. Despite the presence of the harbor, is the water quality excellent.

The golden sands of Playa de las Canteras become partly protected from the waves through the 100,000 years old “La Barra”. La Barra is a coral reef off volcanic limestone with a length of more than 3 km.

Playa Canteras is not only beach, there is a lovely beach promenade with shops, bars and restaurants including some seafood restaurants. La Puntilla is so much a part of the promenade where it is gorgeous to stay. On weekends there can be very busy

Las Canteras Bahia del Confital

If you come to surf then there is the other side of the beach, not far from the museum Alfredo Kraus certainly suitable for this sport. Here again thought about the relaxation of the body. Numerous bars and restaurants spoil you with a sea view.

Playa de las Canteras is handicapped accessible. Beach Seats and umbrellas can be just like the other beaches hiring between 09:00 and 17:00. If you wish to shower, these are also provided locally. The beach is accessible by public transport. More info …

El Confital

The beach of El Confital is located on the peninsula La Isleta . La Isleta is part of the district of Puerto-Canteras. The district is mainly inhabited by workers and fishermen. La Isleta is characterized by narrow streets, antique shops and bars.

El Confital beach Las Palmas Gran Canaria

The beach of El Confital you can reaching provided a walk along the seafront promenade of Playa de las Canteras. El Confital itself is about 2 km long and is situated southwest of La Isleta.

The beach is known by surfers for the perfect waves between 1.5 and 4 meters, the beautiful cliffs and rocks. Some surfers dare to claim that El Confital has the best waves in Europe in which by their nature high speeds can be achieved. Las Monjas and La Punta together with the right side of El Confital are the most famous places to surf. The water on the strip is very pure.

El Confital consists of a strip of rock and sand. Earlier stood on the beach small homes but recently the beach got its natural value back. The wooden boardwalk and gardens provide a pleasant environment. El Confital also has a naturist area and is wheelchair accessible.