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Shopping in Playa del Ingles

Shopping in the tourist seaside resort Playa del Ingles

On holiday you go in the first place to rest, to recharge the batteries. Secondly, you and I go on holiday for the sun, the sea and the beach. A large part of the tourists spent a large portion of his vacation to seeing and visiting historical monuments and buildings, the local nature and discover the lifestyle of the locals. And then there is a final part which many tourists do on his vacation and that is shopping.

Centro Comerciales, something for everyone

Thousands of tourists from all over the world each year spend their holidays in Playa del Ingles. Local merchants naturally like to play in here. In every street you also find small or larger shops with either food products, but also clothes, shoes, perfumes, electronics, souvenirs and much more variety of mostly inexpensive prices.

Are you a real shopping enthusiast or fanatic even then you come over to pull into the shopping malls or Centro Comerciales in Playa del Ingles. Just like shopping center Varadero or Oasis Beach in Maspalomas you can shop wonderfully in Playa del Ingles in here Anexo II, Kasbah, Plaza, Metro, Cita and Yumbo which is by far the largest. Moreover, there are still some smaller malls such as Gran Chaparal, Jardin del Sol, La Sandia, Aguila Roja, Tropical and El Veril.

Kasbah, Plaza and Metro shopping center

For many years, these three adjacent shopping centers receive thousands of tourists to peddle their merchandise. Today there are still find shops, but unfortunately there is still a lot of vacancies. I do not understand how it could happen is, the nightlife such as nightclubs, bars and restaurants is located between the shops, there is always a coming and going to passersby.

Shopping at Night Market Plaza in Playa del InglesIn Kasbah are all the shops are aboveground. Between the shops there is a small square surrounded by cafes and bars. In the central square you can dance every night for an hour outdoors. Salsa, merengue, bacchata and other southern music is performed live. You can not dancing then it’s definitely worth you to keep looking. Behind the bars are stores such as perfumery, handbags and shoes, jewelry and more attractive products.

Centro Comercial Plaza and Metro are divided into floors . Again, there is vacancy of stores, but I am confident that this will improve in the future. Playa del Ingles is undergoing a revitalization and that will certainly rendering in the future. Even here there is a wide variety of shops including perfumery but also electronics shops, clothes and many other items to purchase at very good prices.

Yumbo, not only party but also cheap shopping

Centro Comercial Yumbo is by far the largest and most famous shopping center since 1982 in Playa del Ingles. Yumbo is primarily known for its nightlife, especially in the evening and during the night hours when the gay community a step into the nightlife placed. In the middle part there is a large garden with a playground for children.

Yumbo shopping center in Playa del InglesThe variety of shops in Yumbo is very large. Boutiques with exclusiv designer names following the latest fashion trends, spacious perfumery shops with all major brands like Sisley, Boss, Cacharel, Guess and many other top brands can be bought here at super low prices.

Your hair cut in model at one of the many fashionable barber shops, a photo be printed from your smartphone on T-shirt, even go into the sex shops , an exclusive massage in short, you can not name it, or in Yumbo you will find it . The 20,000 m2 shopping center with 200 shops is divided into four floors, the ground floor is equipped for night bars and a small night market.Shopping at Night Market Plaza in Playa del Ingles