Gran Canaria

Palmitos Park

A day out at the park

Palmitos Park is the ideal park for a day out with the family. The immense exotic park be situated on the territory Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria. The beautiful park is located not on the coast but slightly further inland between the mountains and the beautiful nature of the island.

Palmitos Park on a fantastic island

[showad block=324]Because Palmitos Park situated in the mountains you have always standing at any vantage point a beautiful view of the surroundings. Palmitos Park was originally started as a bird park, but has over the years evolved into an exotic park. There is an amphitheater, a dolphinarium, exotic and native birds and not to forget the exotic plants such as orchids and cacti. It would not be Gran Canaria if the aloe vera plant would be missing. A map of the park can be downloaded here in PDF. More information about Palmitos Park can be found on the website (German, English and Spanish) and Facebook

Watching raptors at the Amphitheatre

Breathtaking aerial acrobatics of birds like eagles, falcons, owls and many more can be seen daily at 11.00 and 15.00 in the amphitheater. Raptors that you sometimes at a speed 230 km / h whiz by in free flight, it is nevertheless always an experience in itself. The amphitheater of Palmitos Park is located at the highest point whatsoever offers a beautiful panoramic view of nature and its surroundings.

Palmitos-Park---Maspalomas---Gran-Canaria---Roofvogels-2Birds watching is even a parrot show. Cockatoos and parrots show their tricks several times a day to the children. During the performances will be given information about the nature and intelligence of these birds. Just be sure to make the crazy tricks of the birds impression and bring you to laugh.

An attraction which you should not miss is the “Rainbow” in full flight. Numerous colored birds Marabous, cranes and kookaburras fly once around 15.30 regular high above Palmitos Park. It is an unforgettable sight to see flying these magnificent animals in the wild, free as a bird in the sky.

Palmitos Park and the Botanical Garden

Palmitos-Park---Maspalomas---Gran-Canaria-2Palmitos Park is also known for its extensive collection of native and exotic plants. A botanical garden where flamingos add an extra color to the green character of the park with beautiful gardens, ponds and waterfalls. Colorful birds like the ibis from South America and the African continent or spatulas.

Bird lovers will be especially its magnificent aviary with Lori’s free flight managed to appreciate. Toucans, the hornbill, pelicans and Australian Emu and Ostrich are all fine specimens of birds that you can discover in Palmitos Park.

Tropical fishes and Reptiles

Palmitos Park is very varied. There is an aquarium that is divided into two zones. An area with natural water and the other zone with saltwater. Poisonous fishes as the Surgeon, the Scorpion and the clown fish or the hippocampus which are very popular among children decorate the aquarium.

Palmitos-Park---Maspalomas---Gran-Canaria---AquariumConsider reptiles like lizards from all over the world. The Komodo dragon that can reach a weight of 90 kg and comes from Indonesia. In the area you can also reptiles in captivity acquainted with the native giant lizard that is found in the wild nature of Gran Canaria. The caiman and turtles from the warm California let you then tremble and dreams.

Exotic plants and butterflies

You have them at home in the living room, as they appear also in the “Orchid House“. Palmitos Park is a park that has a great love for nature. This is the largest collection of orchids in Gran Canaria. Dozens of species of orchids from exotic countries and Australia pamper you with their beautiful colors and shapes. Did you know that an orchid age can get between 50 and 70 years provided that proper care.

Palmitos-Park---Maspalomas---Gran-Canaria---VlindersOther plants that even can reach an advanced age are cacti. Cacti to 4 meters can be admired in the “Cactus Garden“. Cacti can save water and very long survive in very dry areas. Did you know that the function of the spines of the cactus serves to protect themselves from animals and to reduce the temperature when very hot days.

The butterfly garden or “House of Butterflies” is the largest in Europe, where butterflies fly freely. Hundreds of species of butterflies fluttering past your ears with a splendor of colors. You become as a visitor fascinated soon the beauty, color and gaiety of these butterflies. The life cycle of cocoon to butterfly’m here described and shown.

Seeing the monkeys in the zoo

Who does not look like there to our counterparts in Primates Island. Gibbons and Orang-utans like to welcome you. Look at their swaying movements in the trees. Your children will have fun with the antics. Talapoins is the smallest species of ape in the world. Palmitos Park is fortunate to have a Northern and a Southern Talapoin couple Talapoin male from an illegal network from Portugal.Palmitos-Park---Maspalomas---Gran-Canaria---Mamiferos

Belonging to the family of the Raccoon are the Aardvarks with their ringed tails definitely worth seeing. The aardvarks have a large snout which they smell their food such as fruits, seeds, insects, fungi and small mammals.

You probably know the Australian and Tasmanian Wallabies. They are also marsupials like the Kangaroos. With luck, you’ll notice a baby wallaby in the pouch. You see them regularly on television documentaries, the Meercats. They like rocky, dry and sunny areas in South Africa. they feel themselves at home into the Canary Islands. Meerkats are always in motion with digging wells to spend the night. The caretakers at Palmitos Park hope soon to offspring.

The Dolphinarium in Palmitos Park

Between the exotic plants, birds and the warm sunshine of Gran Canaria are the unmissable dolphins. Every day there are two fabulous entertainment shows with the dolphins in the 3 pools counting dolphinarium. On the tribunes that can accommodate 1,500 visitors you have and excellent view of the surroundings and the dolphins. Currently staying there five Tursiops truncatus or Bottlenose dolphins in Palmitos Park. Explore the arts and the interaction of the dolphins along with their trainers. The shows are at 13.30 and 16.00.Palmitos-Park---Maspalomas---Gran-Canaria---Amfitheater

Have you ever already dreamed of stroking or swimming together with a dolphin. Then now is your chance. Palmitos Park offers an educational program where you can directly approach the dolphins.

It is always an unforgettable experience to stand with these friendly mammals eye to eye and hugging and this for 30 minutes. Obviously bookable in advance is recommended. The price is between € 60 and € 150 is not cheap but it is also something you can not experience daily.

Eating and drinking in a beautiful decor

Palmitos Park is a park where you can easily spend a whole day. There is also a comprehensive service of food and drinks at the restaurant La Palapa and snack kiosks. In the park itself you come regularly at snack kiosks from which you can enjoy a bite to eat. By default can and may an ice cream for the children are also on the menu. While you relax on the terrace of the lunch or a snack you may enjoy the view of the valley and exotic birds in free flight. please note that the restaurant is open from 12:00 to 15:30. The prices in the restaurant and snack kiosks are however not really cheap.

A reminder of Palmitos Park

[showad block=325]As in any amusement park or zoo also has Palmitos Park a souvenir shop or Gift Shop. Palmitos Park has its unforgettable moments, you can then also plenty of reminders of the park purchases in the store. Plush animals or toys for the children such as orang-utans, parrots, birds, snakes, iguanas and much more will conquer the hearts of children.

If yourself have no taked pictures or videos then are there available in the gift shop pictures and video on DVD for sale with all the sights and attractions. Meantime are in the park taken pictures of you such as with a parrot, these pictures can you buy without obligation as a reminder to take home.

How to reach Palmitos Park and more price information

Palmitos Park is open all year round from 10:00 to 18:00. Tickets you can buy at the ticket office or online. Be careful when you buy tickets online, you must buy this at least one day before your visit and print it yourself. Tickets that have been purchased online are valid for 90 days and slightly cheaper than regular tickets. Different rates are applied. There are combination tickets for sale where you have access to Palmitos Park and Aqualand Maspalomas. The ticket prices can be found here.

Palmitos Park you can reach by car, taxi or public transport. The park is located on the Barranco de Los PalmitosMaspalomas.

If you drive by car to Palmitos Park than the parking is free. ( Map ). By car from Maspalomas to Palmitos Park is approximately 16 minutes drive.

By public transport you can reach Palmitos Park by bus ( Guagua ) No. 45 ( Bahia Feliz – Palmitos Park ) and Bus No. 70 ( Puerto Rico – Palmitos Park )

Some tour operators organize excursions to Palmitos Park. This can usually booked at the reception in your hotel or apartment complex. Well you may be time-bound. Another tip, make sure your smart phone, camera or camcorderwith you and an extra battery. Do not forget to bring an extra bottle of water during your visit because in the afternoon the temperature can build up nicely.