Gran Canaria

El Tablero

El Tablero in the south of Gran Canaria

El Tablero is located in the province of San Bartolome de Tirajana in the south of Gran Canaria. This location is not far from Maspalomas, and has been not so known by the thousands of tourists who spend their holidays annually in Gran Canaria.

Started small, has big won say they always. That is what one can say for sure about El Tablero. This little town is growing daily by building new homes, a shopping center, shops and many other novelties. In earlier times this was an agricultural area. Tomato plantations were then the main source of income.

The town currently has a population of about 6000 inhabitants. The distance from Las Palmas to the center of El Tablero is 55 km. The population of El Tablero are local residents of the island today, but may change soon here by new apartments and houses. And I must say, even with me this municipality carries a place in my heart.

Only downside in my opinion is that El Tablero as the name says, it is higher situated. As a result, it may be a few degrees warmer here than the lower Maspalomas. Who makes a walk through the town can still see an old warehouse. The church is also worth a visit. noteworthy is the large pigeonnier on the modern church anyway. In the month of May every year is it celebrated the Holy Trinidad.

Shopping in El Tablero

Shopping in this town is definitely worth it. There are plenty of shops and there are still new retails. There is a brand new shopping center. Large and well-known brands have their place here.

This shopping center is open all year round from 10, 00 to 22:00. The restaurants from 10:00 to 00:00. If you stay in an apartment or bungalow, you can go to the Hyperdino supermarket. It is open every day from 9:00 to 22:00.

Not far from the church is a plaza with some big trees. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of a terrace, a soft drink and tapas. The locals here are very friendly and helpful. Gran Canaria without partying that is almost unthinkable. El Tablero like other locations on the island have also annual festivals and events.

In the month of May every year in honor of Santisima Trinidad great feasts. These festivals take almost a whole month. This celebration is accompanied by almost daily celebrations of the Eucharist and a pilgrimage. During the whole month of May, there are parades, music and dance, exhibitions and many other events. For sports enthusiasts there are sports activities are organized such as cycling, mountain biking, and swimming contests.

A party without a drink and food in Spain is unthinkable. El Tablero is also known every year for creating an immense paella. This paella is prepared by 32 chefs and is good for 5,000 hungry stomachs. With a diameter of five meters you can set it paella included certainly not small.
The full program can be downloaded here every year

How to reach El Tablero

The center can be reached by car, of course. By car or motorbike, take the GC1 motorway coming from the direction of Las Palmas exit (salida) No 48. Parking places are more than enough. By bus (guagua) Global you can also to the center of El Tablero. No. 4 bus ride from Las Palmas to Tablero de Maspalomas. No 73 bus ride from El Tablero to Maspalomas. These buses (guaguas) also take you to the local shopping center.

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