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Maspalomas the perfect sunny holiday on Gran Canaria

No it is not a route planner like you know him in the car. In my route planner I give you an overview of what you can find in Maspalomas. Maspalomas and Meloneras in Gran Canaria is by far the most popular seaside holiday location in the Canary Islands, and therefore ideal for a summer vacation. The climate is like Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura throughout the year suitable as a holiday in the sun by the pleasant temperature. 

Vacation in Maspalomas and Meloneras on Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is along with San Fernando, El Tablero, Playa del Ingles, Meloneras and San Agustin part of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. They are together the ideal holiday destination for the whole family and children as holiday travel experts. This webpage is your help, the planner or planner during your holiday in Maspalomas as advice.

Maspalomas and Meloneras an exceptional climate

Beautiful holiday destinations there are enough but if you many years coming here on holiday, it’s just like a virus. It will not let you go. The most popular is undoubtedly the walking along the beach between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas with the wonderful Dunes If you have not done so already, it is highly recommended and guide through your holiday

The average temperatures here are around 23 degrees, but during the vacation months of July and August it can sometimes up to 40 degrees. This heat do get regularly tempered by the pasat wind. Due to solar and wind you should definitely take precautions both on the beach and during a walk. Your skin burned very fast and then your vacation is soon be over. Read more …

Maspalomas Lighthouse dates from 1861

At that time the area was like a desert and deserted, secluded from the rest of the island. For the construction of the 55 meter high tower a special quay had to be built with a platform for loading and unloading of material, which could only be supplied by sea.

The lighthouse of Maspalomas with panoramic views of the beach

The light from the lighthouse was lit for the first time on February 1 1890. It was the only building at the end of a long stretch of sand that began at what is now Playa del Inglés and stopped near Oasis de Maspalomas. The tower was the landmark for the steamers on routes between Europe, Africa and America.

In 1996 we made for the first time acquainted with Gran Canaria as a holiday destination. The view was totally different. Maspalomas flows from the lighthouse today along with the chic Meloneras. The palm forest of the past has been replaced by immense hotels, shops and Boulevard Faro.

What has been preserved and is recognized as a nature reserve in 1987 we can find at the other side of the lighthouse. The inhabitants of the island call it “Charca de Maspalomas“. The reserve is 404 acres in size and is very important because of the large fauna and flora. It is an oasis of water, fish, birds, dunes and palm groves.

Maspalomas hotels and holidays by the sea

Maspalomas is the oldest resort on the island of Gran Canaria. Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the shadow of the lighthouse. Maspalomas adjacent to Playa del Inglés and Meloneras. Holiday by the sea and beach means so relaxing morning to at night.

Beautiful hotels in Maspalomas and Meloneras on Gran Canaria

Many of the hotels are located directly on the sea, such as the 4 star IFA Faro Hotel and Riu Palace Maspalomas is located right on the beach, other hotels are situated within walking distance of the beach and downtown.

The big hotel chains offer through a holiday auction or tour daily hotel specials and last minute holidays and all inclusive sun holiday. I understand that the abundance of the hotels you can not see true the forest of palm trees. Read more …

Tax free shopping and buying in Maspalomas

Shopping on the Canary Islands and also Gran Canaria and Maspalomas is still tax free. However, the euro prices also increase something here. The Canary Islands still have the status of free trade with lower import tax and VAT rates (despite the EU membership), you can get some consumer products – such as alcohol, tobacco, perfume, jewelry, smartphones, clothing and electronics still cheaper to buy in duty-free shops in Las Palmas and shopping centers in the south. Read more …

Child friendly holiday for the whole family

The roaring sound of a submarine volcano in progress” Every year, rising from the ground from scratch new super majestic hotels in half-board, all-inclusive and room and breakfast. Maspalomas and Meloneras are ideal for a family holiday with the kids. Almost all hotels and apartment complexes include a children’s pool, children’s entertainment, kid-friendly restaurants and children’s disco. Read more about hotels in Maspalomas …

Child friendly hotels near the beach of Maspalomas

Active sports holiday in Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is definitely recommended. Sports activities certainly not lacking here, Surfing, kite surfing, mountain biking, parasailing, hiking, … Detailed information about all sports on Gran Canaria you can read here …

Regularly on television in Europe are promotional campaigns broadcasted on Gran Canaria. Below is a broadcast by TVE España about Maspalomas  ( Spanish language )

Gay shows in Maspalomas

Gay shows for gay and lesbian among us Maspalomas is the largest gay paradise on earth, there are also plenty of meeting places and accommodations. The annual Gay Parade creates extra thousands of tourists on the holiday island.

The hotels, bungalows, cottages and apartments do this period gold business. This parade usually find place in the month of May. The nightlife in Maspalomas and Meloneras is something special that you have to share with everyone. Read more …

Cheap holidays and last minute flights

Maspalomas today well from any country to reach by plane or by ferry (boat). Ferry has the advantage that you can take your own car. The disadvantage is that you have to travel some three days. Booking a fly holiday via cheap low cost airlines, they offering cheap flights to Las Palmas at bargain prices today.

The flight from Belgium to Gran Canaria is +/- 4 hours. The distance from the airport to Maspalomas is 35 km. Under normal circumstances, the journey time from Gran Canaria Airport (Aeropuerto Las Palmas) to your hotel in Maspalomas is about 30 ‘to 45’ minutes. For you specially I have more info on public transport. Find out more .

You now know a lot, but I can tell you much more about the beach in Maspalomas