Gran Canaria

Transport to Playa del Ingles

Transfers to and from Playa del Ingles
By car …

With your own car or a rental car, this resort is accessible via the GC-1 motorway. From the exit you come already right in the center. Car parks and parking spaces are plentiful. Almost in each street you can park your car. Keep in mind that they have a parking meter here. I would like to give you also the good advice to use this parking meters when necessary.  Also stick to the speed limit, there are regular speed checks.

[showad block=543]Drive by car to the beach, that is also possible. Along Avenida Alf.Provincionales you will arrive Calle las Dunas. There is a large pay parking. Here you can be park 24 hours. Some places are roofed for more shaded.

From the car park is just a few minutes by foot to the beach. A large part of the side streets are single direction. I can still recommend at crosswalks with pedestrian crossing definitely stop. Pedestrians always take precedence, stopping here is mandatory. Please note, here are provided high fines.

By public transport …

If you come by public transportation to Playa del Ingles, even then there is no problem. At short distances are stopping places for bus (guagua). A bus stop (parada) is well marked. At each stop is a timetable posted. The hours are approximate, buses from Global ride is not very punctualbut they are coming sure.

Public Transport Playa del InglesThe guagua’s do not drive to the beach. Here you must be keep in mind. Only the beach bus from your hotel or a taxi will take you to the beach. If you still wish to ride on public transport then you may be best off at the Yumbo shopping center on Avenida de España or Avenida de Alemania not far from the Riu Palmeras Hotel.

Through the Avenida de Bonn you come then quickly by walk to the beach. Strollers, umbrellas and other large items are not allowed on the bus. This things you must store them below in the luggage area. An important stop on the border between Playa del Ingles and San Agustin this is on Avenida El Escorial. This is just at the small shopping center Tropical.

By taxi …

And then there is the taxi. Taxis they drive day and night. The white taxis have a red stripe and roof. These are the only official taxis. At each hotel, and here and there in the streets are places provided for taxis. The taxi who is first in the queue should take in principle. Taxi drivers are usually very friendly.

Are you on the road and you suddenly need a taxi then you give to stop.just a sign. Would you take a taxi to the beach, that’s no problem. The pitches for taxis are situated on the roundabout of the Plaza a short distance from the beach. Read more …