Gran Canaria

Who am I?

Who am I ?

Mechelen’s most beautiful city in Flanders

I live in Belgium in the most beautiful city in the country, Mechelen. Mechelen is located in the province of Antwerp. I can definitely recommend the city where I was born to a visit. Mechelen has a fascinating history, beautiful buildings and parks.

The last few years is the city greatly modernized and renovated, thanks to the city government. And it’s only the beginning. Mechelen is constantly changing and is well on its way to becoming a major shopping center by 2018 with the longest shopping street in Flanders. There is still much more to tell but maybe that will come later …

My hobbies and interest’s

Eddy Verschueren Close upMy interests are surfing on the internet, music from the 60s and 70s and listen to keep my eyes healthy looking at beautiful women, slim and curvaceous, it does not matter.
Web sites of all kinds designing is also one of my main hobbies. But we must not forget that I am very happy to travel.

Holidays and travel over the years

Over the years, I have been able to visit many countries like Italy, France, Germany, Romania and of course the Canary Islands. Our first holiday in one of the 8 tourist islands was Tenerife. The following year was Gran Canaria to the new destination ..

Puerto de Mogan - BeachFrom the first time it was first love. Now we go a lot of years to this beautiful island with beautiful nature, beaches and inland. The inhabitants of Gran Canaria are very friendly and welcoming. Love was now already at its peak and when I got the idea to learn the Spanish language.

The reason is primarily to understood me better the locals.  This is important to the island, and friends to live there at Gran Canaria in the near future

The creation of the website about Gran Canaria

To make a website like this about Gran Canaria takes a lot of time. Information retrieval and searching is very time consuming. Thanks to my friends on the island and my experience during the stay in Gran Canaria I can provide you the most relevant information. The website get updated almost daily. Each month also increases the number of visitors to the website. I do it with pleasure for you as a traveler to my beloved island, giving the information that is important for a caring stay during your vacation.

However create and maintain a website is not free. Hosting, domain name, graphics purchases, etc … I try spending to soften a bit with advertising on the web pages. But this advertising pays not enough to cover all costs. A small donation is always welcome. Gifts can overwrite obligation through Paypal. I will be very grateful to you for it.

What can I tell you more, still very much but that is not the intention anyway?
You know me a little better now, anyway, do you still have any questions please let me hear it from you. This can be done via the contact form.

Eddy Verschueren