Gran Canaria

Beach of Playa del Ingles

Beach of Playa del Ingles

The wide beach of Playa del Ingles is one of the most intensively visited in Gran Canaria. It is ideal for a family vacation. Between Playa del Ingles and San Agustin there are two separate beaches Playa de las Burras and Playa del Cochino

On holiday at the beach of Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria

Playa del Cuchino is a small but pleasant beach about 250 meters long. The fine sand is black / gray in color. This beach is bordered by the sea by rocks, which waves break from the sea. As a result, this beach is quiet location.

Children can enjoy safe on all beaches to their heart’s content. It is well-shielded from traffic as it is standing below the roadway. The beach can be reached via a few steps from the Plaza and the Paseo Maritimo. The access points are also provided for the disabled persons. The beach has access through plates for a wheelchair user to.

At each point of access are showers placed. This is ideal for rinsing the seawater. Down the stairs are wooden boards with those already on the way to help you put an end through the loose hot sand. Especially if you have small children and a baby buggy, it is a good solution.

The beach of Playa del Ingles is crowded every day, but you still have enough place for sunbathing. On weekends it is usually busier than during the weekdays. Then the local inhabitants of the island come to enjoy with the whole family and children.

Eating and drinking on the beach

A day at the beach is not just sunbathing and swimming. You and I also want to indulge the inner man every now and again. On the beach of Playa del Ingles, there is plenty of opportunity for you to eat and drink. On the beach you can go to one of the beach kiosks are available for a refreshing drink, ice cream and other snacks. It is also nice for a chat with other guests on the beach ..

An alternative is the busy Paseo Maritimo. This 2 km long promenade is the place to be for tourists. Here you can get away from the beach. Restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bars pamper you at normal prices.

Shopping to beach shops on the Paseo Maritimo in Playa del Ingles

For the ladies among you there are plenty of shopping activities such as souvenir shops, shops with bathing suits, beach towels and beach toys for tots. In some of the roofed shops you can have a name or other text in a t-shirt or hat printed or embroidered.

Think as a gift for a birth, or simply as a souvenir or promotional gift of Gran Canaria. There are also some shops where you can buy candy, food and soft drinks. For the admirer of tattoos, there is a tattoo shop.

Bars and restaurants on the Paseo Maritimo in the beach at Playa del Ingles

All shops are protected with canopies so you can nice enjoy on beautifully located terraces to enjoy in seats. Some terraces offer sea and beach views.

At night it is always a pleasant crowd. German, English and Scandinavian bars cosseted the guests with fun holiday music. It has a lovely atmosphere. All the shops are open until 22 pm, the bars and restaurants until the late hours.

Beach Activities in Playa del Ingles

On the coastline is the largest beach activity the walk to Playa del Ingles and from Maspalomas do as well locals and tourists, the 7 km trip along the wonderful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, I can recommend it, saunter or stroll while socialize and watch everything that is happening around you. Can you imagine more delightful something?

For me, swimming in the sea is a real pleasure. When the sea is calm, you can easily ten meters go far into the sea. So it is very safe for children. These can play freely in the soft white sand just at the waterfront.

The sea water has an average temperature during the summer of 26 ° C. Beach Slippers are a must when you enter the sand or comes from the sea. The sand can be very hot.

I can definitely recommend if the sea has had a tumultuous day to play with the waves  These are unforgettable moments for you as the kids. If the water is too turbulent way, then you should not be in the water. The security guard watching over your safety.

On the beach of Playa del Ingles is the whole day surveillance of rescuers, the Red Cross and the police. This may or may not be motorized to moving on the beach. Even in remote locations become the security guaranteed by the Red Cross and the Police.

By mountain bike or motorcycle rescuers driving back and forth on the beach and promenade. With busy days even get a helicopter from the police to ensure safety of the holidaymakers. The highest degree of supervision is during the month of August. However, if the crowds is higher in September than expected then it is extended.

The extensive beach get daily very well maintained by the municipal services. It therefore asks the tourists to keep the beach together nicely. There are here and there dustbins and special containers where you can sorting such as cans and paper.

Do you already own an umbrella and beach towels then it’s no problem to use it. Do you prefer a sunbed and beach umbrella, then you can rent it for a day. The price fluctuates today around € 7 per seat and parasol.

Sports activities on the beach

The beach of Playa del Ingles has a reputation to give tourists a good feeling. Are you a fan of a sports activity in combination with the beach feeling, then you have come to the right place.

Parasailing near the Atlantic ocean and the beach of Playa del Ingles

Sporting activities such as Jet ski, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, banana boating and parasailing are one of the many possibilities. You may want to view Playa del Ingles from the air? That too may posible daily with skydiving or Skydive.

But also on the water experience a less risky adventure. on the beach you can rent a pedal boat, so you can quietly paddle with the kids on the water. Read more …