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Wine Gran Canarian

Wine on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean

Wine Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands may itself on the field of wines due to the microclimate certainly let count more. Enjoyment of life is the motto of the Canary population. There will also hear every day a glass of wine. The first vine was planted in Gran Canaria by the Spaniards in the 15th century. The first wine exported was the Malvasia or Canarias.

[showad block=601]On the island are about 60 wine cellars or in Spanish “Bodega“. Some of these have a museum and a wine shop where you can taste “Cata de Vino“. Six of the wineries are located on the wine route.

The wine route runs along San Bartolome, Tejeda, Teror, San Mateo, Valsequillo, Gáldar and Santa Brigida. They are located in the area Bandama and Monte Lentiscal. The best preserved heritage of the wine production on the island is located in this region.

The most common grape breeds and varieties in Gran Canaria are Listan Negro (blue grape), Negra Moll, Tintilla and Malvasia Negra (Muscat). In white wines you’ve Listan Blanco, Vijariego, Muscat, Malvasia, Gual, Marmajuelo y Pedro Ximénez.

Vineyard on Gran CanariaThe world famous French, Italian or German wines using other grape varieties. A Muscat grape, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc you will not find quickly in the Canary wines.The grapes in Gran Canaria are still harvested by hand. The vineyards are located mostly in the valleys and on hills just like in the Mosel in Germany.

Canary wines a strong combination

Canarian wines are less known to wine connoisseurs. However, these wines can have best places between the world wines such as Italian Prosecco or Barolo, the Spanish sparkling wine from Catalonia, Aragon and Rioja and to the Riesling wines from Germany. France with amongst others the Bordeaux wine, or Burgundy and Champagne are all known wine regions together with the Italian and Spanish wines to compete with the Canary wine.

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Of the French, German, Italian or African wine is better than the Canary wine, I leave it up to you because tastes differ. I think the difference it is only in the number of hectares planted vines of the wine region. In terms of taste can the wine from the Canary Islands might as well taste the world known species.

The winery of Tunte or “La Bodega Las Tirajanas” scored in 2013 – 2014 a record harvest with a historic production record of 120 000 bottles of wine. This fantastic aromatic wine will be sold under the name “Las Tirajanas Crianza“.

Wine with a rich history

Winehouse Plaza Perdida has a rich history of two centuries. This winery get transferred for generations within the family, has an annual wine production of 20 000 bottles. Vines of 100 years old, the old winery from the 18th century and the quality of “Plaza Perdida” have contributed to this success.

Wines of Gran CanariaThe vineyards of 8 acres extend within the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria. Here they know to tell you all about winemaking from the vine to the bottling on the bottle. The winemaking winery is located on the northeast side of the Bandama crater which is situated in the area of Monte Lentiscal. website

Other houses known for the production of wine are Dominguito, Vina Angoã, Monte Bandama, Lilies and Mondalón. An area of 224 hectares of vineyards is checked by the Denominación de Origen Gran Canaria.

Santa Brigida and the Wine Museum

Santa Brigida is one of the famous wine regions on the Canary Island. Santa Brigida is situated in the interior of Gran Canaria. Are you a traveler interested in wine culture, then a visit during your vacation to Santa Brigida is definitely recommended. Gran Canaria has a long tradition in the production of the wine.

Casa del Vino in Santa BrigidaThe Canary Islands produce different kinds of wines, red and white wine, fruity and aromatic. All of a high quality. In this town you will find more information in the “Wine House” (Casa del Vino).

Here you can taste the wines grown on the island. Do you have hungry then you can delightful eating in the restaurant of Casa del Vino. An exhibition brings you closer to the history of wine production and export on the island. Every year during the month of November are organized various festivals in Santa Brigida, including the “Wine Night“.. website

Museum Wine House (Casa Museo del Vino)
Federation of Wine sector of Gran Canaria (VINIGRAN)
Address: C / Calvo Sotelo 26, 35300 – Santa Brigida
Phone (+34) 928 644 484
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14: 00. Free entry. All visits of more than 10 people must be arranged in advance.
Public transport : Bus No. 301 Las Palmas (Sta Catalina) – Santa Brigida / Bus No. 302 Las Palmas – Santa Brigida / Bus No. 311 Las Palmas – Santa Brigida. Further bus Nos 303/305 / 307. Price range +/- € 1.65 per person.
From the south of the island, you will first need to take the bus to Las Palmas.
La Tasca del Vino (Restaurant)
Opening Hours:. Tuesday to Thursday 13: 00-23: 00
Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 24:00. Sunday 13: 00-17: 00.
Closing kitchen (17: 00-20: 00.)
Closed on Mondays.
Restaurant specializing in Canarian cuisine, cheese platters, wine DO de Gran Canaria, traditional desserts. Group menus. Garden with terrace, indoor and outdoor dining, reserved (40 pax max)
Telephone reservations: (+34) 928 644 484 (from 12:00.)
Wine Store
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 h.
Gourmet products Gourmet de Gran Canaria, crafts, gifts and more for sale.

Find out more about Canary wine on the Wine Route

Wine Route & Botanical Garden
[showad block=202]Trip Gran Canaria organizes once a week a tour of the wine region and the largest botanical garden in Spain. Bandama, Santa Brigida and Las Palmas become visited. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours.

The guide tells you in Spanish and English all the important details. Other languages such as German, Russian or French are possible with a group and by appointment. Wine tasting should be obvious too.
Day excursion: Thursday
Price: Adults € 35 / Children under 14 years € 12
Departure: 9:30 (you’ll be picked up at the hotel or meeting place) website voor info