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Nightlife in Playa del Ingles

Nightlife in Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is of course not just a beach. This location has almost everything to step out and partying. For all ages here is somewhere a bar, nightclub or other occasion where the DJ turns your music .. Playa del Ingles should not be missing in your party agenda.

Paseo Maritimo Play del Ingles

During the day it’s quiet here, everything is cleaned from the last night. And that’s really necessary. Certainly the youth is to sleep for his intoxication. The entertainment starts here after dinner. Little by little become the entertainment district occupied by thousands of tourists.

Going out on the Paseo Maritimo

Let your and our evening starting near the beach. On the busy Paseo Maritimo you usually find bars. These bars are during the hot afternoon hours, the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail or cappuccino. In the evening the other hand, these bars and pub’s overwhelmed by all kinds of tourists who come to parties.

With a few exceptions the DJ plays all types of music. One DJ plays disco music, oldies but the other party music and Latin music are the most important. To dance you should not be here, but for the atmosphere.

There is a choice of bars spanish, german, english and Scandinavian bars. Opening hours are up into the early hours. The restaurants and fast food restaurants usually stay open until 24:00. The entertainment area is accessible by taxi, car or via a healthy evening stroll along the Paseo Canario.

Going out to the Plaza and Kasbah

One of the busiest entertainment districts in Playa del Ingles is around ecumenical church “San Salvador” on Avenida Sargentos Provicionales (map). Around the church you have on one side the Kasbah, and on the other side of Plaza shopping center.
Here is the shopping en party center with shops, bars, karaoke bars, restaurants and english pub’s. You can strolling from 19 pm onto a small evening market with handmade crafts.  Glass blowing, jewelry and other handmade items are offered.

At night it’s a pleasant busy atmosphere in the Plaza Center. Sometimes you do not know from which direction and where they come from, but hundreds of young people arrive every evening at convoys on their way to the nightclubs and bars. The most beautiful girls and boys are passing in review.

On the square between the church and the Plaza shopping center trying boys and girls invite you to visit their disco with special offers. Are you going to at their request, you will receive a ticket with a first free drink. Most bars provide in the evening a happy hour.

The nightclubs of the Plaza are located on the ground floor. Stairs and escalators take you to the lower floor. The DJs in the Plaza bring the latest international music. Beautiful girls (gogo girls) pampering visitors with erotic dance and show. The clubs do not charge a membership fee or entrance fee.

The Kasbah shopping center is situated on the other side of the Plaza. On Calle Malaga you will find on your left side the older shopping center Metro. The famous Pacha and Ministry of Sound pampering their guests here daily. Be careful because sometimes these bars employ a tough competition to recruit customers.

The real Kasbah event takes place around the courtyard (map). The Garage is a disco pub on each night can count on a large number of visitors. Are you someone who can not hide his love for games, then you’ve come to the right place. Two, there is an outdoor game room with lots of games, snooker, etc …

The inner courtyard is by far the most important part of the Kasbah. The square is surrounded by several bars and a restaurant. Every night there is live music here. From 18:30 you can dance here in the open air. Music like salsa, bacchata, merengue, tango and other Latin and Spanish dances are extensively dwelt upon. Around the square are wonderful seating positions in local mosaic. Be quick on the places are quickly occupied by numerous dance lovers.

I tell you, you will not stay down long. The southern music and dance show that some local residents give encourages more dancing. Everyone does it, young and old. During the weekend it can be quite busy.

The locals come here to relax with family and children, and belongs there dance to. Would you prefer to shop after dinner, you can do so in the numerous shops in the mall.

This location Kasbah and Plaza can be reached by public transport, car or taxi. The bus stop is located in Avenida de Gran Canaria, close to Tor Grill Restaurant. Prefer to take a taxi, you’ll find them in the Avenida Sargentos Provicionales. There are several day and night taxis for you. By car you can easily park in the neighboring streets.

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