Gran Canaria

Recreation and Shopping

Leisure and shopping in Maspalomas

Shopping, food and bar with tapas

You are looking for relaxation during your holiday, you want shopping, good healthy food in the many cool sushi, Chinese and Spanish restaurants with delicious appetizers or tapas at a dinner, a round of drinks at the bar at sunset, a relaxing spa with sauna in the thermal or relaxation massage … you know I want to be your guide.

Café de Paris at the beginning of the boulevard “Faro”. Here they have delicious cakes and specialties of the Black Forest Kirsch Cake schwarzwälder kirschtorte ), which together with a cappuccino or latte macchiato, what should a person have more, that’s relaxation. Wish you a healthier alternative then there is fresh juice of Papaya, snacks or cocktails ..

From the lovely terrace in the evening you can hear typical Canarian live music, you have a view of the lighthouse, the murmuring sea and hear the artificial waterfall at the adjacent Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort with Spa & Casino.

Just behind the terrace of the Cafe de Paris can Mrs. and maybe you sir shopping in the perfumery Fundgrube with all the major perfume brands, handbags, and clothing. If you do not get enough of then there are the more expensive jewelery and clothes shops to visit.

Eat, drink and enjoy a sunset

We walk towards Meloneras. On our left side the sound of the waves, on the other side plenty of restaurants with a variance of world cuisine and local specialties, tapas bars with live music and a shopping center (Centro Comerciales).

Every evening you can cozy stroll along a small market opposite the shops. Here are usually handmade products sold as jewelry, necklaces and typical products of Gran Canaria.

The shopping center “El Varadero” is the first thing I like to introduce you. It is partially covered and has lots of clothes, perfumes, shoes and sportswear stores, jewelers, bars, electronics shops and upstairs a supermarket, bars and boutiques. For the ladies there is “Perfumeria Riu” and “Fundgrube”.

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Furthermore there are seating areas in the halls and public toilets. The shopping center ends on the other side of Calle Mar Mediterráneo where is Douglas perfumery and the Gran Casino Costa Meloneras is located. The shops are open from 10 am to 22 pm. There can be shops are closed on Sundays.

Walking along the Boulevard Faro is an experience and very restful. For the romantics and photographers must the sunset and full moon certainly have on the agenda. At full moon, it is a magnificent spectacle with the lighthouse in the background.

Walking along hotels to Meloneras

[showad block=98]When I’m step further with you towards Puerto Rico then we pass beautiful hotels as Riu Club Gran Canaria, Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras Resort, Lopesan Villa Del Conde Resort Thalasso with. Here you should definitely keep halt, I compare this creation becoming a village. From the first stone, I see this complex rise from the ground.

Can it really be even more extensive? Can I give you a tip, take a seat on the stone wall with a view of Pasito Blanco and its beautiful marina, enjoy the view and the sparkling sea, that’s life!
From here, the road winds and we step through to the lower lying Meloneras. At the top we have a view of the beach, restaurants and shopping center.

On the horizon we look straight at the Lopesan Meloneras Golf course. The bars and restaurants with specialty fish and shellfish are located directly on the sandy beach. A large part of the shopping building is occupied by a nightclub. The rear sight standing at H10 Playa Meloneras Palace Hotel with the nearby villas and bungalows in a nice neighborhood.

A little further from the coast there is the shopping center Faro 2 The shopping center has built in architectorisch circles and spiral shape. It is located on Avenida Touroperador Holland International. It is situated in a very quiet neighborhood with mostly bungalows that the name Campo International has received.

There are several shops, but restaurants and bars are in the majority. For food and other foodstuffs there is a supermarket. There are regular performances by typical Canarian folk dance. If you want more action, then there is just next to Faro II for fans a mini golf. The mall is also very child friendly. Within walking distance, the children can have fun in the amusement park Holiday World.

Casino and relaxation in Maspalomas and Meloneras

Shopping, drinking and eating it’s all entertainment. I do not know whether you are a fan of gambling. Suppose you’re at a game fanatic or just out of curiosity than there is for you as a tourist the opportunity to discover a casino in the neighborhood

Far we have not run to our first and only casino in this location. Gran Casino Costa Meloneras. The beautiful hotel and casino is located on the coastline in the shadow of the lighthouse “Faro de Maspalomas“.

Poker, Black Jack, American Roulette, it’s all there. There are two bars and a restaurant “La Cúpula” overlooking the games room. The entrance to the Casino is located on Avenida Mar Mediterráneo 1 The casino is open from 20:00 to about 04:00 in the morning. Every day of the year